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Saturday, May 29, 2004

what a day!

yesterday, my dad asked me if i want to come with him to kl, and i thought, why not? so there begin my journey to kl with my dad. but before reaching kl, we stopped by my dad's kebun at muar and pick up some durians. at that time i realize what's the purpose he asked me to go with him to kl, to pick up durians!

after done with our friday prayer at masjid wilayah(sejuk gila beb semahyang kat situ!), he dropped me at an lrt station and told me to meet him at 9.00 pm in ampang park. well, so it's pretty obvious that he bring me just to fetch durians eh. from there, i'm figuring out what the hell to do and where to go. it will be a long time till 9 o'clock. actually, i've got this plan to drop by seremban to see syikin, but she's working on friday, so i decided i just go to kl and figure what else to do, but still figuring out a way i could go to seremban. i called some friends in kl to accompany me till night but it seems that everyone were busy on friday. so, going to seremban is the best solution. after making a few adjustment(which i find it too complicated to tell here), i'm on my way to seremban and met zura, who is also waiting for the bus to seremban.

reaching seremban, both of us waited for syikin to come while chatting and drinking. she came a few minutes later and we watched pontianak harum sundal malam which i found quite scary at first but the 'scariness' seems to fade out along the story. i don't know why, but maybe it's the lack of goreness and the storyline which focus more on the 'real-life maria' instead of the pontianak. watch the movie if you want to know more.

we have our dinner at this chinese restaurant. well, syikin told us that the mee hailam there is delicious and it's halal, so we decided to give it a try. only zura ate meehoon sup while me and syikin ate this chinese style mee hailam. it was delicious but as she said, it lacked spicyness.

it was near 11 o'clock that she decided to send me to plaza tol where my dad will pick me up. the three of us waited there for a while until it's quite too late for her to be out of house and she headed back to her house with zura, and left me alone at the plaza tol. fortunately, my dad didn't took too long to come and we headed back to jb. we dropped by muar to have some sleep and then continue our journey back and reached home at 6.30 a.m. my dad have a meeting to attend in the morning so he have to rush while i continue my sleep. i'm missing her already.

wow! this is the first time i wrote something about my daily life this complete.

Thursday, May 27, 2004

new skin! new skin, again. maybe you guys will suffer some kind of jerky effect while scrolling down my blog. i don't know what's the cause of it but i hope u guys can bear it. i think it's the picture that's causing it, so when the pictures isn't there anymore, hopefully everything will be smooth. if not, i'll throw it up for another new skin.

early in the morning today, i was happy, when suddenly, things turned sour and i'm also sharing the sadness. but things went ok now, hopefully, and i can say that i'm confident about it.

and i got my blog a new shout box!

Wednesday, May 26, 2004


i've been editing my new blog skin but still it got some problems. the skin was quite simple, but i love the blurry effect it has. but i guess it's the blurry effect that's causing the problem. maybe i'll use that skin, maybe not.

i ate botok-botok for lunch. yah, a weird name for a food eh? it do sound weird the first time i heard about it, but when i ate it, i'm thinking of changing it's name so that everybody's willing to have their first taste of it without being decieved by it's name, and it's appearance as well. i do want to snap a picture of it and post it here but i'm afraid that everybody wouldn't want to eat it after seeing the picture. it's actually a fish coocked along with some kind of ulam and spices inside a banana leaf. if you want to try it, just ask your nearest pasar malam if they got any botok-botok. i'm not sure weather they do have it i other states as well, or does it goes with the same name everywhere. amatures, do get out of this!

p/s : ring-ring card - RM 0.50

Tuesday, May 25, 2004

ring ring card : RM 18.70

i've finished reading the book 'put a lid on it'. quite an interesting book. although it suppose to be called as a suspense novel, i didn't find it as suspense as it should be. the plot of the story focus more on the event before the crime take place. i think the writer wanted to focus more on the corruption of politician in his own interesting way. i think he did a good job (cewah! aku pulak nak bagi remarks kat org). throughly, i would call it a good novel to read. i'm reading 'the secret life of bees' by sue monk kidd currently. find it pretty interesting.

- call kejap lagi laa..nak nengok erra ni haa -

Monday, May 24, 2004



one awesome band to check out for!!

p/s : sorry to bother you guys with this pictures. i just want to share things with everyboday out there.


bic runga - sway

i first discover this song from buji and bongek (jangan ingat buji tu hadko sangat. muahahahah!) about 2 or 3 years back. but it's only until today that i'm able to download her songs from soulseek. i've searched for her song some time ago, but to no avail. as for your information, she's from new zealand.

mana aku nak letak kereta?

i've watched formula 1 racing live tonight. i can say that it was one of the best formula 1 race i've watched so far, although this is the first formula 1 race i've watched for this season. a lot of accidents happened all the way till the end of the race. i used to get quite excited when formula 1 season is coming, although i don't really follow any formula1 season all through, but this year, i'm not interested about it at all. people get bored sometimes. but i do still think that the formula 1 cars are one of the best mechanical invention of all time.

i even turn down a free ticket to watch formula 1 at sepang last april as i'm more excited about the rambo gig, which happend on the same day. besides that, if i do go to sepang, i have to go there to watch it all by myself! boring eh? i'm glad i do turn up for the rambo gig as the atmosphere at that time was awesome! i won't get that kind of atmosphere of joy among friends at any formula 1 circuit. and mind you, i'm not really into cars.

Saturday, May 22, 2004

di pagi yang emo dan bosan

this is the most boring morning i've ever had. i don't know why. i'm bored surfing the net and decided not to download any songs for this morning to cut the cost for the internet bill. i couldn't sleep and the tv programme is just so bored. maybe i'll sleep later on as i've just eaten nasi lemak coocked by my mom.

i've just told my dad that i didn't get the loan from mara. then he lectures me for not following his idea of studying while working. well, it's not a lectures actually. it's more of a mumbling which look as if i didn't hear it but he knew i heard what he was saying. after that, both of us went into a silent mode for what seems like an eternity. of course i don't want to study while working. it's a damn tough thing to do! and it could be worse if i'm studying mechanical engineering for degree level. then my life will be filled with work and during weekends, i have to study. where's my social life? ok, maybe it looks like as if i care more of my social life than my future, but believe me, even some of my lectures wouldn't suggest me doing that. i've wasted my time by getting myself kicked out of uitm, but i hope that time will not be my enemy. if i'm able to get a place in any ipta, i will spend at least 3 years studying, and i really hope that it will be 3 years, not shorter, not longer.

Thursday, May 20, 2004

di petang yang hening

i guess u guys noticed the repairment i've done to this blog. yah, my frequency tower is standing back again. remember that i told you guys that i want to change this blog skins? i think i'm keeping it this way. i kinda like this skin so i won't dump it. and you know what? i guess we should practice this kind of attitude in life. instead of just dumping and throwing everthing that seems worthless to us, we should have fixed it, so it can be used again or at least for a different purpose. i did that to my spectacles. i taped it's broken frame so it can still hold the glass. but at last i'm get fed up as it always loose it's positon to hold still.

so, the conclusion is, i'm still keeping this skin no matter how lame it can be. i don't know for how long.

kejap nak ujan, kejap taknak ujan

i've been lazy updating my blog recently. just put up some pictures. i should start downloading songs again. maybe after i finished this book i'm reading. it's called 'put a lid on it' by donald e. westlake. at first, i thought it was a funny book as most of the review said it was a 'funny' book. as i read it, i find it not so funny. i wouldn't call it a funny book if it isn't as funny or much 'funnier' than i want to buy a vowel. but this book do make me smile with the jokes in it, and it got something that will urge you to keep reading it until the end. but i'm not the kind of person who is willing to finish a book by a day. i've got plenty of boring time ahead of me. what would i do if i've finished reading all of my books?

ok..i want to cook my lunch. yeah, i'm cooking my lunch. don't worry, i'm just frying some chicken. nothing complicated.

Wednesday, May 19, 2004


bubbly bb, bubble tea

p/s: sorry, i can't stop uploading and posting these pictures.

Tuesday, May 18, 2004

dish and diners

my breakfast - consist of:
:: 2 keping roti canai instant
:: teh o panas

my lunch - consist of:
:: nasi putih
:: ikan pari (apartment 8 tingkat) masak asam pedas
:: teh o ais (teh o pagi tadi masuk dalam esbox)

unfortunately, i forgot to snap the picture of my dinner.

p/s: takde keje punya perangai. tak senonoh!

Monday, May 17, 2004

the list goes on

most of the thing i've planned during my trip away from home didn't actually work. let me list some of it that came to mind.

:: the big trip
:: the small trip
:: the movie (on both occasion)
:: the recording (they manage to record some instument, but not my voice)
:: jamming

but lets look at the bright side. here are the things i managed to do while i'm away from home.

:: meet her
:: meet some friends
:: meet her
:: meet some friends
:: bought 3 cheap books
:: eating kue teow at the new kedai kopi
:: eating x choc
:: play with the newborn kitten
:: got new spectacles
:: got a new haircut (although i didn't really like it)
:: got full slayer mp3 on their every release (courtesy of alak)
:: meet some friends
:: meet her

yah, i've bought 3 second hand books at CM. a year ago, i would rather spend my money on cds rather on books. here's my list of new reading material:

:: the secret life of bees by sue monk kid
:: put the lid on it by donald westlake
:: the secret diary of adrian mole by sue townsend
:: number ten by sue townsend
:: journal #1 / hilang punca zine #5
:: thinkingstr8 newsletter

but syikin had kidnapped 2 of my books, both by sue townsend. she won't give it to me until i pay the ransom. i wonder what's the ransom?

"apasal ko macam budak baik?" - hapiza

letih gila gua!

after being away from home for about 2 weeks, here i am back again in JB. i took a bus from seremban so i could meet syikin but i have to wait for her and hafiza for a few hours in seremban, alone. i end up walking all around terminal 1 plaza with my heavy bags and later on i park my ass at the food court on the top floor. i'm so damn tired! so tired i didn't even talk much. and now my leg is aching so badly i could hardly walk. well..maybe i am the most patient human being in the world, or maybe i rather keep quiet as a way of expressing my anger. i guess that's why buji called me 'mat pend'(which stands for mat pendam). but don't worry people, i wouldn't burst into an uncontrolled anger like a time bomb. till now, i guess i'm capable of controlling my anger not to burst out loud, and didn't take it as a grudge. after all, everything come up with explanations, let it be good or bad.

syikin gave us a dinner treat and i bought x choc and mirinda red apple juice for us.

and what's with the 'mak aih..' expression? i guess it just came out of my spontaneity. i'm suprised of course. but don't worry. i end up smiling all the way to the bus, on the bus and even while i'm sleeping. sorry again for the 'mak aih..'.

and at the end of the day, everything is worth it. yah..i really mean it. it was worth it.

Saturday, May 15, 2004

skinny skin

what happen to my frequency tower above? maybe it's time for me to change my blog skin. wait till i get home!!

Friday, May 14, 2004

we don't need no education? (part III)

    Mohd Nazir b. Omar

( 820310015149 )


i didn't get the loan for my oversea study form MARA. still waiting for my last chance to further my studies, which is local universities. hope i'm able to secure a place in any local uni, or.....


it's quite a long time since i've wrote anything here. i didn't do much 'online' lately. maybe when i get home tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow, then maybe i'll update this blog daily.

none of my plan seems to work these days. i'm not blaming anyone for it and maybe it's too harsh for me to say that i'm quite pissed off when none of my plan seems to go on smoothly. i understand that anything can happen, but i'm away form home with big excitement and limited money, so please do understand my situation. again, i'm not blaming anyone for it.

i'm wishing that syikin will have a good time in PD this saturday. pity her that she have to do some extra work during the weekend [and pity me too :( ]

everybody seems to have a new job lately. good luck for all of them!

anybody can tell me when is the UPU results coming out?

Thursday, May 06, 2004

the return of the nothingness

hey, i'm back again in shah alam. i'm here since yesterday. well, actually i was here since tuesday night but it was only a few minutes before midnight when i reached shah alam, so it doesn't count. there's nothing much in shah alam (actually there's nothing much in me). just meeting some friends and i made myself a new spectacles after about a month wearing my 'taped' spectacles. it cost me RM138.00. it's quite cheap as i bought it under a student package, which include a frame and a multicoated lenses for a cheeper price of $138. although i didn't really prefer any of the frames included inside this student package but what the hell. i guess it's cheap, and i'm tired of having to adjust my current spectacles in every few minutes for it's broken 'arms'.

and i gave myself a new haircut. the usual budak sekolah haircut. not anything that's 'saloon made'.

i got this little headache. maybe it's the increasing power from my soon-to-be spectacles that's causing it.


Monday, May 03, 2004

lack of idea? power of idea!!

yesterday, i went to muar with my family. nothing special. it's just that my father wanted to see his kebun and so do my mom. we're home at about 10 o'clock and then kompot came to fetch me out for some drinks at E&Y mapley with nik and boleng. actually, kompot wanted to watch liverpool vs what-club-i-don't-know live on astro. as i'm not really into football, so it's more of talking than watching for me. came back home again at about 1 a.m and went straight to bed, but couldn't go to sleep until it's 2 something in the morning although i'm somewhat tired from sitting at the back of my fathers car.

sometimes it's much easier not to plan than planning every details and then suddenly, it didn't work out. and yah, i'm bad at making decisions.

Sunday, May 02, 2004

not in the mood

i've just came back from muar with my family after our first plan, which is to go to tanjung leman was cancelled just because my father said so. actually, i'm not in the mood of writing. i'll post something later.

Saturday, May 01, 2004

may day

i'm whishing happy labour day for all of you out there who're celebrating it. obviously i didn't celebrate it as i'm a jobless gorilla. but it seems so boring with everyone inside this house without anything to do. i really hope that somewhat, someone can create a device which can transform human into small particle so that we, human, can transfer through the phone line or maybe to make it faster, a fiber optical wire, to anywhere we please. so that i can go to kl, seremban or anywhere i want, at anytime. cool eh?


i've spent most of my day today on the road. yah, on the road while driving a car. what do you think? i'm lying on the road all day? aku tak gila macam lokman beb. miahahahahah!! anyway, i've been all around jb today to do all sorts of thing. i have to pay some bills, bank in some money, pick up my younger sister, my father and lastly my older sister. i'm already out of the house after my friday prayer, stopped by my house for some bread (as i didn't eat any lunch yet at that time) in the evening, and after a few minutes, i'm out again fetching everybody. i tiredly reached home at about 10.45 p.m. after watching The Hurricane (which is based on a true story), calling someone and trying to call someone, i wrote this blog and plan to go to sleep later on.
-------------------------------------------- day is filled, but i came back empty.