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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Magic M

cause it's just a load of crap..

is it?

well,here's the breaking news. i've finished my studies..the thesis and all. but non of this excites me. the fact that i can wake up at 2pm doesn't cause much excitements, but i can deal with that.

i badly need an external hard drive, or all the movies i've burned in dvds will keep on missing one by one. and not to mention my mp3 'mjoosic' collection that seems to be expanding in just one night leaving only 3mb on my partition.

i've finished my studies and yet, these are the things that came to my attention. well, finding jobs is depressing, at least for me. but yeah, i need the buy myself an external hard drive.

yup..thats how simplistic life is.


Blogger syik s. said...

120gb and counting eh?

5:47 PM

Blogger nazir said...

tak main la 120gb je beb. 300gb terus! heheheh..

9:18 PM

Blogger j or ji said...

aku paling malas buat kerja2 burn ni la..

selamat mencari kerja!

4:09 PM

Blogger syik s. said...

kerek lak aiiih BP no 1 ni!

8:22 PM

Blogger nazir said...

wah wah..gua sorang jela yg BP? gua rasa yg kecoh-kecoh cakap gua BP ni lagi P dari gua :P

2:38 AM


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