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Sunday, March 09, 2008

'we're too lazy to govern ourselves, so we let the government do it.'

there is a saying that goes on something like this;

'we're too lazy to govern ourselves, so we let the government do it.'

or is it;

'we're too lazy to police ourselves, so we let the police do it.'?

either way, i think it's relevant to point out these statements on this so called 'new day for malaysia'. BN loose its 2/3 majority in the election, how can that not be historical?

but then again, i think this country needs more than the opposition gaining more seats in the election. this country need the people to think for themselves rather than the politicians to decide it for them. their manifesto can be so promising but i think it's good to instill doubt inside all of us to whether to how extend will these politicians represent the people? or will they took advantage of their position to fill their own pocket?

they can be, or maybe they are as pure as the white snow, but once we've lift them up to a higher ground, will they be the one looking down on us, or will they be the one who propel each and everyone of us to the new higher grounds where they stood? no matter how many times they're saying that by choosing them, they're placing the power not only to the said political party, but to the people. but human lies, and they can get too drunk with power that they believe that they're telling the truth, but in reality, they're telling lies.

because of this doubt, some people choose not to choose (read: vote). but i choose to vote simply because i refuse to let a bunch of people to get too drunk with power. it may not be the most powerful form of a change, but i do believe in check and balance. because the most powerful form of change is the people. i guess you guys gets what i mean because i refuse to talk about radical/direct action as i'm not a radical person myself.

enough of babbling, don't fall for the statement '..let us wait and see what the new malaysia has to offer us..'. don't wait and see, participate when and where you can, even how small you think it is. because you don't know if a stutter from a butterfly wings could make a change.

maybe not in your lifetime, but a good change is a good change anyway.


Blogger j or ji said...

aku mengundi dan kemudian malaysia berubah.dan aku rasa bangga.

daripada terus memilih orang yang sememangnya sedang mabuk,lebh baik memilih orang yang belum mabuk dan mungkin tidak mabuk sangat.

undilah PAS.mereka tidak mabuk.mereka terbukti tidak mabuk di kelantan.kamu fikir kalau mereka semua pemabuk juga,adakah orang akan terus mengundi mereka?

perubahan perlu.setidak-tidaknya se-das pelempang yang sangat kuat ke muka dan telinga pemabuk tegar itu dapat menyedarkan mereka.itu saje.

4:10 PM


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