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Saturday, July 21, 2007

who can see what the future holds?

ok, so my car has been stolen. as far as i wanted the whole world to know (not to gain publicity, mind you, but to recruit spies so that MAYBE my car could be found), i don't want to keep answering and telling the same story over and over again. it is tiring and annoying. so here are some of the FAQ's regarding that matter:

1. Betul ke kereta ko ilang?
of course la..apa la aku dapat kalo menipu korang.

2. Kat mana hilang?
the huge parking space here has been turned into a construction site, and yeah, fuck it. because of that i and most of the residence here have to park our car far from our block. that was where the incident took place. and for those who didn't know where i stay, i'm renting a house with some friends in pantai dalam.

3. Camana boleh hilang?
i really hate this question because the answer is so obvious. how would i know?? for all i've known, i parked my car on the side of the road in the evening, and the next morning when i want to go to class, it just wasn't there. no trace of anything, not even shattered glass.

4. Ko tak kunci ke?
i'm positive that i've locked all the doors. for those of you who used to ride with me in my car may have noticed that i'll check each door to make sure it is locked (for it doesn't have a central locking system). but i didn't put any steering lock or whatsoever, they say..the rest is history.

5. Dah buat report polis belum?
yup, right after i'm positive it was gone.

6. Ntah-ntah kena tarik ngan DBKL kot?
i've thought of this, and i really hope it was the DBKL who took my car. but i asked the police officer to check with DBKL and they say that they didn't do any towing operation in that area. besides, how could they tow my car with the car in front and at the back of it still in it's place?

7. Tak boleh claim insuran ke?
since it is an old car, it's understandable that it only have third party insurance, which doesn't account for losses. so, no claim whatsoever.

8. Ada jugak yang nak curi kereta lama tu.
the answer is obviously yes. i don't know what are their real reason in stealing my car but i suspect that they want to tear the parts down for their own use or use it as a drift race car.

so maybe thats all for now. if there're other questions that annoys me, i'll post it here. unfortunately, i didn't have any picture of my car, but if anyone who knows my car, and sees it anywhere, just inform me. and for those who haven't seen my car, just look out for a green toyota corolla GL (atau lebih dikenali sebagai KE70 dikalangan drifter dan pomen), with registration number of DL811 and chassis number of KE70 9118493. i know the possibility of seeing it on the road with the same registration number is odd, but there's no harm in looking. and for those who frequently attend drift race, maybe you could take a better look on this type of car.

below is a picture that somewhat resemble my car. except for the color, the sport rim and the plate number. my car also have those yellow light hanging under the front bumper.

yes, i am desperate. and i really hope that someone could find it or maybe my car is one of the autobots and on a mission to save the world, and would return as a brand new toyota alteeza along with a hot chick.