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Monday, October 30, 2006

happy belated raya

i'm back in kl again. i didn't have a joyous raya like some of you did but i won't complain on that. all i could say is that i'm satisfied that my sacrifice had paid me 90% of completed assignments.

anyway, sorry to whom i've bothered with stupid sms(es) during raya (when i said stupid SMSes, it doesn't mean the 'selamat hari raya' sms greetings). trust me, i'm bored. for those who've keep me accompany through sms or ym, thanks.

i hope it's not to late to wish you guys Selamat Hari Raya..

Thursday, October 26, 2006

my raya is after my final exam, not now...

so, this year formula 1 has finished. alonso won. as i said, i'm not really a fan of him, or renault. so i'm not really celebrating anything. and schumi has retired. yeah, apart from wanting him off the podium so badly, i admit that he's a legend. he's a great driver. some may argue that it's because he's driving a ferarri. maybe, but from my point of view, a great car requires a great driver. not all driver can drive a car that can go up to 320 km/h, and that is obviously why they have a special licence to be a F1 driver. and by the way, F1 sport isn't only about the driver. the competetion involve strategy, a good engine, a good aerodynamic quality, and overall a good car.

schumi's gone, and will be replaced by kimi next season. alonso will be moving to mc laren. will ferarri maintain their triumph without schumi? will alonso be victorious with mclaren?

we'll see. anyone giving free F1 tickets?

Monday, October 23, 2006

it's the last race but i'm going to sleep

i would very much prefer to watch the last F1 race for this season, but i'm too sleepy. besides, there're loads of works waiting to be done tomorrow. so i guess i'm gonna sleep.

or maybe i'm gonna watch it.. i'm going to bed. full stop.

it would be preferable if anybody who knows the result of the race keep me up-to-date via sms so i wouldn't have to wait for the newspaper to tell me.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

finite element on an infinite nights

so now i'm in holiday mode. nothing exciting about it rather than the fact that raya will arrive in 2 more days. i still don't have the mood to celebrate raya. maybe it's because of the fact that i have two more assignment to submit and present after this raya holiday and my coming final examinations as well. at least i'm short of one assignment which is on the Finite Element Analysis of an L-shaped plate, which i've presented earlier this morning. and talking about that, i've got one confession to make. i've cheated on it.


i'm supposed to do a numerical method on finite element analysis on an L-shaped plate, which requires us to develope a programming using c++, Visual basic or what ever programming language possible to calculate all the stresses on the plate and display the values along with the diagram. well, i manage to develope the programming based on all the theories and equations, but i didn't know how to draw the diagram using c++, let alone other programming language. long story short, i'm able to display the values and diagram, but guess what, the diagram are fakes.

yea, yea.. maybe you're thinking that i deserve to be punished or be burnt in hell for cheating in the holy month of ramadhan, and i don't have to justify myself on it. but believe me i don't have the luxury of time to study on how to draw using c++. at least i did the calculation, eventhough i didn't check if the answer is wrong or right (it's quite impossible to do a manual calculation of a finite element analysis, so i believe that nobody would bother to check).

and regarding the post below, on how i'm the only one doing the job, i think i'm out of line for saying that. maybe i do did most of the work for our group but i believe that everyone has done what they can to complete this assignment. it's unfair for me to say that they did nothing at all. yes, i'm wrong if i say that i'm not mad and tensed up doing those assignment while some of them just sit there pretending nothing's going on. but then again, i have to agree on syik that if it's not because that i care about my carry mark, i wouldn't be mr goodie two shoes.

but on the positive side, i'm able to learn new things and sharpen my programming skills during the sleepless nights. at least it pays to be a mr goodie two shoes. anyway, thanks to all my group members, mus's group, yau chuan sim's group, lim kok wing's group, syik, buji and everybody who help. i hope my carry mark won't go 'straight to the drain'.

and right now, i'm using dasylab software to develope a simulation to describe the kinematics of an automobile on a rough terrain. tomorrow i have to scrape the wall of my house before painting it. presumeably, i'm gonna do it alone.

memang malas la gua nak menganyam ketupat raya ni kan...

Monday, October 16, 2006

i'm facing the music

i don't know if i'm supposed to be mad. i realize that couldn't blame anyone on this. it's just a matter of covering this up or face the music. i guess i'll just have to face the music since i've figured out that i've been running away from problems most of my life, and this option requires less expenditure as well.

but one thing that i'm mad of is when i have to do all the work while everybody else got the credit as well. maybe i'm suck at being a group leader but what the hell, how could you watch your friend struggling for something you should be working as a group? maybe they just don't care about the 40% carry mark. ok, i understand if they think they could score 60% on the final exam to compensate their carry mark, but i care about my carry mark and as a group, you're obliged to work as a team.

yah, maybe you're thinking that instead of complaining to the persons that matter, i wrote in this blog. i've made my point clear to them, in a sarcastic way of course. but then again, i believe you could figure out why i'm still complaining.

oh, by the way, not all of them aren't helping. some of them do help. and thanks..

Friday, October 13, 2006

friday the 13

i don't know what happend to my blog but the template was missing completely. so all i got was a blank blog. that's the reason why you see this new template.

as i'm supposed to be busy for the next few weeks, or maybe a month, i'll left this blog as it is today. i'll update the links and shoutbox later.

and today is friday the 13. slayer will be playing in singapore in a few hours time.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

in a 2 weeks time..

the F1 season for this year will come to an end in 2 weeks time, and right now, Fernando Alonso from the renault team is leading the top drivers title. maybe some would argue that it was just pure luck that Schumi's ferarri broke down, but believe me, when you're on the track, nothing is pure luck. every variables counts. even if your front or rear wing tilt 1 degree or ur tyre are out of air for 1 psi, it will effect ur driving. just like when renault had his own engine problem in monza (is it?) and alonso couldn't finish the race and while in shanghai where a few slips in strategy had left alonso 24++ sec behind schumacher but managed to catch up until the 2nd place. i bet that if there's more laps to go, aloso would've manage to be no.1. (btw, i think the china race was the most interesting race i've seen for this season).

ferarri's engine hasn't had any problem since 2001 and today, it just blew up a short while after schumacher drove out of the pit stop. it is said that the ferarri team had detected something wrong is going on with their engine but couldn't figure out what it is, until the engine blew up on the most vulnerable moment on the race, a few moment after the pit stop. the problematic engine finally got its moment to rest while on the pit stop but when it is put back to back to pressure, presumably much pressure than before the stop, the engine couldn't stand it anymore and it blew.

i'm not really a fan of alonso or any other team on the track (i used to 'cheer' for mclaren back to the days where i wouldn't miss any of the race). i didn't really follow this season F1. but like i said in previous post, i didn't like to see schumacher dominate the podium.

if schumacher's car blow up on the last race next two week, it will be deja vu. just like what happened with mika hakkinen on his last race before his retirement.

no more friendster

i'm deleting my friendster account. no, i'm not avoiding someone or anyone on friendster. it's about me, not anyone else.

my myspace account is still on. so for those of you who're not on my myspace list but still want to be connected with me (macam la gua ni fames. hahah!), you can log on to and add me as your friend.

maybe you could still find me on friendster while u read this, but when u can't, just know that i've terminated it.

have a nice day! :D

Thursday, October 05, 2006

i'm tensed..

i'm so stressed out this week. each day are filled with headache after headache. assignments, tests, all are rowed in this week. firstly i have this so called assignment to develope a program to calculate stress transformation. ok, so i admit that the calculation isn't that complicated but to create a program to run that, that's a lot of work. i've planned to use visual basic to develope it since this programming software could develope visual graphic, which is essential for mohr circle stress transformation but after learning VB from a book for a few days, i got fed up, toss the book aside, and start my programming based on C++. i haven't learn how to create graphic by using C++ so i end up developing a program to calculate those stress transformation without using the graphic, just calculation.

and because i concentrate more on this programming assignment, i forgot to focus on my electrical engineering mid term test today. trust me, i did bad, really bad on that test.

and tomorrow, i have to submit this assignment for law of torts. luckily, there're not much of hard work involved.

and next week, i have to submit this assignment on finite element. and i have to learn to use this software called Pro Engineer in a week time in order to complete this assignment.

sometimes i do wonder why the hell am i taking mechanical engineering in the first place. yah, that's a pessimist way of thinking. maybe i am pessimist, or maybe i'm so tensed by so much work.

ah, could someone tell me if there're any bad side effect on taking too much caffeine? coz i've been taking it a lot lately.