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Friday, March 25, 2005

mayday! mayday!

the may day gig

for more information, visit for more detail.


I was about to wash my mother's car this afternoon when suddenly a not-so-cute-but-oklah amoi approach me and saying something about an electrical factory that will be opening soon in skudai and ask me to fill up somekind of card which has a mystery gift hidden inside it. I would've refuse it but when she said that it was only for the sake of showing her boss that she did her job, I'll just write my name and sign on the card. Without expecting anything, I just watch her rip the card to reveal the mystery gift inside and without knowing anything, the amoi suddenly went hysterical and saying things I didn't understand just because she's speaking at 100 km/h plus her pelat Chinese accent. She suddenly calls her supervisor and told him to come over to my house. At this point, I didn't understand what’s happening until she shows me this list.
1. perdana v6
2. kancil
3. skuter chomel
4. tv 43 inci
5. laptop
6. tempat mandi sauna
7. tiket pelancongan untuk 2 org ke eropah
8. tiket pelancongan untuk 2 org ke jepun
9. tiket pelancongan untuk 2 org ke Thailand
actually there's another one that's missing on this list but I think you guys got the idea. The card that I've wrote my name got this 'gores dan menang' thingy which is either one of the thing from the list above. At that time, my mother went out to check out what's the bising-bising is all about and ask me to 'get rid' of the girl. I'm pretty excited at this time so I'll just let the girl explain the things for me until her supervisor come. I couldn't really understand what she says with all the Chinese accent but I got the idea. What I need to do is to buy this 3 electrical item sold at this shop for about 29++ (she said that the actual price for the 3 items is 5+++) and then I can redeem what's behind the silvery thing that I should scratch. She even ask me to give her a treat if i won a car. Hearing that i have to buy things, I wasn't interested anymore but her supervisor came a short time later and explaining it all over again with his loud, businessman style voice. I guess my mother was pretty annoyed at this time that she somewhat yell at me to just say no. for sure I can't afford to buy those 3 items to redeem the prize I should've got, but I really really want to see what's behind the silver thing. I was imagining that I've won a perdana or at least a trip to japan! Later on, I said that I don't want it and they left without scratching the silver thing first so I'm left wondering what is it that I was suppose to won, but I let go instead. Let just say that I've won a perdana, even if I have to spend RM3000 to redeem the prize, it's still worth it, isn't it? Maybe I'll sell the perdana instead of driving it as I doubt I'll have the money to pay for the insurance and all so I'll get the money instead. Isn't great!! Muahahahah…but it's all gone.

In the end, I didn't gain anything, but I didn't loose anything either. Fair isn't it.

Thursday, March 24, 2005

no more tears!!

i've just put up a new link to a distro run by a friend of mine, tolibxjoe called no more tears distro. feel free to go to his website and order any stuff you find interesting. here is the link --> no more tears distro

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

i'm home!

yeah,now i'm already at my hometown after a tire journey without sleeping last night. how could i sleep when the bus kept banging on the road like there's no absorber at all. i won't go into triton bus, ever!

ok, so as usual i met syikin before going back. i ate this meehon tomyam at r&k and it's awesome! i seldom eat tomyam mostly because my lack of money, but since syikin is giving me a treat, i'll eat whatever i want. muahahahah! but seriously, the tom yam is great. maybe 'pakar tom yam dean' should try it and give a comment about it?

actually i was planning to go back on monday. well, not really. at first i was planning to go back on sunday but as my father told me to pay my summon first, i have to wait till monday to pay it. but since it's forcasted that monday will be the hottest day and people aren't encouraged to go out on that day, and since nyiblorong was also planning to go jamming on monday night, i change my plan to go back on tuesday instead. but it isn't that hot on monday, except the jerebu thing which brings along its smokey smell, and buji have his 'demam macam sial', so we couldn't jamm and i end up doing nothing that day.

i've watched this movie called sideway which was highly recomended by cem. i didn't give any high expectation about this movie since azy and atiah give quite a bad impression about it but after watching it, i bet it got it own uniqeness for a not so average movie. the main cast in this movie also plays in the movie called american splendour, which i've stated in this blog sometimes ago (if i'm not mistaken?). this story sideways is about a soon-to-be-married man (jack) travelling with his friend (miles) for a so called bachelor trip. miles was once married but they divorced 2 years back, but he's still hoping that his ex-wife will come back to him and this makes him didn't want to be involved in other relationship, thus ends him in depression. while his soon to be married friend, jack, was searching for party and fun before getting married that weekend. and guess what, i won't review this movie as detail as lokman review the movies he watched, so you guys have to buy the dvd and watch it for yourself. don't be lazy!

i've just realized that my dad had bought a dvd player for a change of that old vcd player. i guess i'll watch some movies that i've borrowed from syikin. daa...

Monday, March 14, 2005

my exam is over!!

i've just finished my final exam this morning. the most hard and tough paper of all for this semester. i really really hope that i could get my credit transfer as soon as possible coz i doubt that i will get at least b- for this subject. enuf of that. what's done is done. i've only slept 2 hours this morning before i woke up at 7.30 to get ready for my paper, and till now, i haven't got any proper sleep yet.

so, as usual, i'll go back to shah alam to drop my things as i'll have a holiday for 3 months. can't wait to meet syikin before going back home. i hope azy will be available at home tomorrow as dean are going back to kelantan this night.

good luck to syikin as she still have 2 papers left. all the best my dear!

gua nak tidooooo!

Thursday, March 10, 2005

my birthday

Ok,so today I'm officially 23 years old. Not that I care, but I didn't feel like I'm 23 years old. Maybe it's because I'm surrounded by 'younger' friends and classmates or maybe it's because I'm still studying while most of my friends at my age has graduated. Or maybe it's simply because I'm young at heart (and height). Hahaha! anyway, age is just a number. not that i care if my friends are older or younger.

Syikin has wished me happy birthday (thanks!) although I've asked her to wish me even before the clock struck 12 midnight. How silly I am. My friends at my kolej has a special way of celebrating birthdays. Since there's a lake in the center of our kolej, it has been a spot for throwing birthday boys (I don't know if the girls do that as well) into the lake. Tepet, andi, mus, akasha, eji, badd and abang put all the effort into throwing me into the lake as well as creating those slimy and smelly things to be smudged at my face before throwing me. The lake wasn't deep but the smell, phew!! Abang even bring along his viewcam to record the event. I'll patiently wait for their turn to be thrown as well.muahahahah!! after that, I got some little treat from mus and akasha. Anyway, thanks to all of them for being my friends.

I still got 2 papers to go. This friday, and the last one will be this monday. I'm planning to stay up to revise for my paper but I got this little headache so I think it'll better if I go to sleep for the headache to go away. Got to wake up early. I always planned to wake up early but later on, I'll end up waking up at 1 pm. I'll force myself to wake up early tomorrow. Got a lot more to study.

I'm listening to the new album by peter pan. Cool songs! I hope I'm able to listen to gettho girl soon. As far as I know, they got this beautiful lyrics on their not so beautiful title called 'full of shit'. Enuf of the crap, I'm going to sleep…..zzzzzzzzzz

Tuesday, March 08, 2005


So, it's been quite some time that I've updated my blog here. Got some comment here and there about updating my blog. So here I am, writing this blog at 4am in the morning. I was studying for my economy paper this wednesday but I hardly understand anything so I thought I could write something to rest my mind. Actually, this economy paper is my third paper after my kemahiran maklumat and algebra paper. My dear miss nurul ashikin will have her first paper this wednesday, so all the best to her.

There's nothing much to say about my final exam as I've only finished sitting for 2 papers but so far, it was OK. I doubt that I could score an A for my algebra but hoping doesn't cause any harm, isn't it? I still have 3 more papers until 14 february, and after that I'm free, for this semester of course. Im taking my short sem for the holiday so I'll be spending my holiday in KL (or shah alam) going to a 2 hour calculus class for 2 days a week. I'm planning to work as well. Hope dean and azy will accompany me in shah alam unless I'll get bored as hell!

I've got this account on but I'm just too lazy to upload anymore photos. I'm dying to have a digital camera but my financial income wouldn't allow me to have one right now. In fact, I think that my financial income wouldn't allow me to have anything except the basic necessities that I need everyday, and some more to top up the fuel for my car (and to bayar saman! damn that MBSA!).

Actually I'm dying to have lots of things. I always said to syikin not to be so boros-boros but I think if I have a stable financial income (loan/scholarship), I'll end up buying things without any compromise (but not a new handphone). It's not that she is so boros. Maybe I'm just jealous that I couldn't buy the things that I want. To put it on a list, these are the things that I would buy if I have a sustainable amount of money:
1. a pair of sneakers
2. a digital camera
3. RAM and hard disk for my pc
4. a new shoe brake for my car
5. an mp3 player
6. cd player and speaker for my car
7. CDs, cassettes and DVDs
8. a cassette player (anyone who got any second hand cassette player with double deck to be sold, please inform me)
Well, that's all I could think of for now. I know I couldn't buy those things at one shot. Maybe I should get a pair of knickers as soon as possible as my old one has been worn out and believe it or not, I buy that shoes while I’m form 5 (or is it after my SPM?).

Ok, I'm off to my bed. Guess I'll figure out what the hell that I've learnt from my economy class tomorrow. Got to wake up early.

Sunday, March 06, 2005

my brain?

Your Brain is 60.00% Female, 40.00% Male

Your brain is a healthy mix of male and female

You are both sensitive and savvy

Rational and reasonable, you tend to keep level headed

But you also tend to wear your heart on your sleeve

Thursday, March 03, 2005

another new links

here are another new link that i've added.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

beautiful eyes

azy has put out his beautiful eyes zine as an online version. check it out at beautifulxeyes