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Saturday, November 05, 2005

raya of nothingness

tomorrow i'll be going back to kl. nothing new this raya. absolutely nothing...

first day of raya:
go for my hari raya prayer while my mum and sis was still preaparing the food we ought to feast upon on the first day of raya. people were still reciting the takbir when i arrived. i suddenly realize that i still have this candy that i had while i'm on the way to the mosque, inside my mouth. got to throw it before the prayer starts...

back home and everything (the food of course) was prepared. my mom make some ketupat with curry, lodeh and sambal kacang. later on, there was this little trading-raya-food-for-raya-food ceremony. of course this ceremony was only held between us and the neighbour next door since we're the only muslim family that i know living on this road. we do gave some ketupat and lauk-pauk to the friendly chinese man next door that i called uncle, but of course they have no raya food for an exchange.

we went to the graveyard to visit my grandma's grave, or in other words, my mom's mom grave. went back home and shortly after that, we recieve our first hari raya visit. 2 family, quite handy to handle since we weren't expecting anyone to show up on the first day of raya.

my dad came home with my little sister and brother. they bought lemang and jambu. the jambu air wasn't as juicy as before. quite 'kelat' this time. and i made kicap+cili padi+gula that's so spicy that you'll sneeze once you take a dip to go on with those jambu kelat. add some sugar later on to balance the spicyness.

watch sepet. i realized that they've sensored the 'malay are lazy' part. i guess malays are sensitive inspite of their keris.

no duit raya collected.

second day of raya:
i woke up by the sound of my father's voice screaming 'tido je keje!'. since it's friday, we went to the mosque together for our friday prayer.

back from the mosque, i continue my second round of lunch before start studying (supposedly) when suddenly i felt sleepy and doze off.

the night came. nothing to do, so i studied.

syikin called. couldn't contact her for 2 days straight since she was at her wan's house where the maxis signal couldn't get through. miss her so much.

no guest for today.

no duit raya collected.

third day of raya:
woke up quite early since mom told me to throw the rubbish, and this, and that. i continued my sleep after my father went out to fetch my sister and brother.

woken up by the ring of the phone. my cousin called, and unfortunately (sorry to say that), she wanted to share a ride with me tomorrow to shah alam. this has nothing to do with her. but my plan was ruined. again, this has nothing to do with her.

my father's friend family was scheduled to come this morning, and right after i took my bath, they came. i spend my time hiding inside my room with my little sister and brother. only went out to greet them goodbye.

my father was suppose to went to dubai today so i sent him to the senai airport. i witness this carbonated drinks which costs RM9.50. senseless. it's not even alcoholic or in an unusually big size. but it's a rare item that come with a rare, nice glass bottle.

went back home when suddenly my long gone friend (not so very long gone though) called saying that he's nearby and ask if he could come. surely he did come and surely i ask him, along with his girlfriend, to come in. he's this guy from my stj years who wouldn't miss to visit me during hari raya, eventhough his house is in gelang patah. and if you didn't know how far is that, try to imagine going to sabak bernam or sungai buluh from kl (and if you still couldn't get the idea, imagine a 45 minute to one hour journey). and i only went to his house once.

they leave my house when it's near dawn.

after dinner, here i am writing this crap.

still no duit raya for today.

fourth day of raya:
i should leave my house as soon as my cousin arrives. it should be as early as 9 am.

see, i told you my raya was filled with nothingness. anyway, wish me a safe journey tomorrow. got to sleep early tonight.

and i also wonder, why do jealousy had to be pointless sometimes?

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

one more day till raya

wow, i bet no one will ever visit my blog at the rate i'm updating it. but then again, who cares. i'm not aiming to have the blogger of the year award. and as i've mentioned about the blogger of the year award, you may want to go to this blog as it has won the blogger of the year award. i've read about that blog on somekind of magazine that features the latest technology such as handset, desktop, bla bla bla that my friend bought. i was expecting something more of this blog, but when i finally viewed it, i got pretty dissapointed. enuf of it, view it yourself.

so, supposedly tomorrow will be the last day of ramadhan. and eventhough i've been home for 2 days, and kept complaining that my busyness or lack of money that kept me from updating this blog, i bet my laziness sill overcome all those excuses.

considering that hari raya will be in 2 days, i make this opportunity to apolagize to all my family members, friends, and enemies(if in case someone out there do consider me as an enemy). and since i've been asking and recieving a lot of favours for the past few weeks, i exclusively wanted to thanks those who're willing to help me and also for those who're wanted to help but couldn't. thanks a lot you guys!! (hopefully you guys knows who you are). and thanks as well to all of my friends for being my friends.

i went home by bus from seremban last sunday, and because of that, i have this berbuka puasa feast with syikin, hafiza and kak su. so syikin booked our seat and meal at this R&K restaurant before i even reached seremban, and what flatters me the most was how she remember that i liked kuey teow tomyam and nescafe, and she even ordered an extra 5 piece of beef satay exclusively for me since i'm the only one who like to eat beef satay. well, i still got to pay for my own meal, but the point is, i'm extremely flattered!

again, i wanted to apologize to all the people out there and thanks for all your kindness.