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Saturday, March 24, 2007

where were you when the fun went out

this is one of the most amazing bands that came out from the local music scene. one of the thing that i love about the local indie/diy scene is the passion that they have in creating music/arts/whatsoever. they didn't do it to be judged by the so called sms juries or whatever crap they're calling it. they do it because they love what they're doing.

as i said before, i'm quite busy these days. i still got loads of assignment, particularly for my design subject. still got to design 5 items/systems as the deadline is next week!

and i still got to pick the topic for my thesis next semester. most of the lecturers haven't post out their thesis subject yet, but i hope i got something that aren't particularly tough, but still i could learn from it. some of the lecturers offers topic that requires us to create some simulation, mostly automobile simulation, using engineering software such as COSMOS, Nastran or suchs. it kinda get me interested in taking those topics as it would provide me an additional advantage of knowing to operate the software. but still, i haven't decide on anything yet.

i've just seen an inconvenient truth, a documentary focusing on global warming and created by al gore. it was a mind-blowing documentary, if i could put it that way. kinda make me think twice whether if i do want to go to the oil and gas industry or not. haha!

by the way, i wanted to recomended you guys to some of the movies i've watched recently as it seems that i'm kinda busy (or lazy) to write reviews about it. so here the list goes, in no particular order:

1: an inconvenient truth (documentary - global warming)
2: this film is not rated yet (documentary - MPAA rating system)
3: mukhsin (just so you know, i prefer gubra and sepet better than mukhsin)
4: a guide to recognizing your saint
5: little miss sunshine
6: blood diamond
7: eternal sunshine of the spotless mind (i've watched this movie before, but i've wathed it for the second time, and it still blows my mind away)

and below, i present you a song that was featured in mukhsin, except that the song i attached below is a cover version by emiliana torrini, with translated lyrics.

Friday, March 23, 2007

warehouse sale (again)

ok, i know i haven't update this blog for quite some time. been quite busy. i'm finishing my moral & ethics in engineering assignment right now, so i guess i'll update this blog some other time. on the picture above if you want to know more about the warehouse sale.

take care..

Saturday, March 10, 2007

i'm 25 and still rockin'!

i wouldn't care much about my age or birthday, but it was fun, so who cares! just enjoy this beautiful song. i know this song has nothing to do with birthday theme. i'm sharing this for no particular reason.

p/s: thanks to pika and azy for wishing me happy birthday. and to all of my friends as well. i appreciate you guys, a LOT..

Thursday, March 08, 2007

paylessbooks warehouse sale

Thursday, March 01, 2007

MPH Distributors Warehouse Sale

i've just went to this warehouse sale and bought 2 books for RM24. the first one is The Zahir by Paulo Coelho and the other one is Harper Lee's To Kill A Mockingbird. unfortunately, i only borought RM35 to the warehouse sale! so i'm planning to return again to buy some other title, maybe some title by chuck palahniuk, gabriel garcia, kazuo ishiguro..or maybe i'll buy the all the title by paulo coelho instead! haha!

maybe the books are not as cheap as a second hand book, but they're new. by the way, where else can you get new books for RM20++?