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Wednesday, April 27, 2005



i'm sorry.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005


i've figured out what to write in this blog just now. but something happened and i'm in no mood (as well!). bye

Thursday, April 21, 2005

from seremban to germany?

I'm writing this as i'm bored typing the freelance job i've said before. maybe after this i'll just go to sleep as i have to get up before 11 as my shift at pizza hut will start from 12-5. maybe puan norizan is concerned about me having my mid term test this friday because usually, i'll have to work till the closing time, but not tomorrow. i have my day off on friday, and i'm taking my own day off this weekend. muahahahah!

i've given some of the typing job to shah (he's from the band disgrunteled) as i doubt that i'm able to finish all the typing job all by myself with all the work and test i'm having now. wish me luck for my mid term as well!

i went to zairi's house at serdang after our band practice last weekend. hisham and borhan was there as well. hisham talk about his plan to go to germany along with utarid. but he wont be touring with utarid. he will be with the verge of reason guys that came to malaysia lately. it must be great being able to go to places that we've never been. it's hard for me even to go to seremban! heheheh.. apatah lagi jerman beb.

there's nothing much to say, just that i miss her really bad. actually i'm so tired and i can't wait to go to sleep and doze off. so, i'm off for now. till next time!

Tuesday, April 19, 2005


i'm getting pretty tired lately. maybe it's because i couldn't get much sleep. yeah, working in pizza hut is pretty tiring. but i'm used to it now. and now, i got this freelance typing job from akhdan's workplace. i don't know when i'll finish it since i have to devide my time between working, class and typing this things. it's also hard to sleep these past few days eventhough i'm really sure i was sleepy just before i jumped to bed. and bad dreams keep haunting me. it's not like i was having the same dream every night like what they show on most horror movie. but it was pretty scary. i'm having my mid term test this friday, and after that, i'm planning to go back to JB.

i didn't have much time to do anything nowadays. it's just working or sleeping or class. it's pretty hectic but boring. i couldn't do things i wanted to do. i only can read a couple pages of the novel i'm reading now before i feel extremely sleepy and go to sleep. now you know why i didn't update this blog as frequent as i can eventhough i have free internet at my faculty lab. yah, keep whining. that what i'll do. ok, that's it. got to go back and finish the typing job. bye

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

cendol oh cendol

i got myself a thumb drive which zairi sold to me with an extra cheap price for a 256MB capacity thumb drive. but i havent paid anything to him yet.

i went out with syikin again yesterday as she's having a day off on monday. didn't do much things but it's fun, but not when she's going back. we went to kinokuniya along with hapiza. that's my first time there and they really have a lots of books there. unfortunately i didn't have enuf money to buy books.

i went jamming after that with nyiblorong. azy followed me as well. finished jamming at about 12 something and later head out to seksyen 15 to lepak2 while having roti canai and drinks (my meal nowadays mostly consist of roti canai, let it be lunch or dinner). went back to shah alam at 2.15 and in no time, i went to sleep.

woke up this morning missing her badly. i was late to class due to the traffic jam at the federal highway. but no big deal since it was tutorial class and all that they as us to do is to write the answer on the whiteboard.

it's really hot today. maybe i'll have a cendol after this, alone..

Monday, April 11, 2005

i'm tired, i'm sleepy...

here i am again, on and off inside this blog of mine. it's not that i didn't want to write inside this blog. i even have so many free times (that was before i work in pizza hut. yup, i'm working in pizza hut, and that's another story) but the main cause of why i didn't update this blog was that i'm so concerned about my money that i hope by not going to cyber cafes i'll save some money, but in fact, if i'll just stop smoking, i'll save a hell lot more of money! dunno when that time will come.

ok, so now i'm working in pizza hut. yeah, call me what u want, i don't care. i'm working for money. so what? enuff of that. so i've been working at this pizza hut at plaza shah alam, which is near to the rumah kedai rekot in sek 9. actually i'm having my special semester this holiday but i only register for one subject, which is a two hours class, 3 times a day. monday, tuesday, wednesday. so i figure out that i'll work on those days that i didn't have class. so there i am in pizza hut, working by taking orders, sending foods, setting the tables and anything that they told me to do. it's pretty tiring. i didn't spent much time hanging out as usual. maybe that's good.

i met syikin yesterday. she came to kl. i don't know why i missed her so much these days. it feels great to see her. so, we went to amcorp mall, which isn't ur typical dating place. hahah.. there's nothing special about this mall, except i kept hearing it before this that this mall have shops that could repair vinyl player. but now i know that this amcorp mall have this cineplex, i suggest to syikin that we go there instead of anywhere in kl as it will be less crowded. she agreed and we go there by lrt. we see a movie called samara, which i believe is the sequal of the ring. nothing to say about the movie. if u like the ring, then u probably want to see it. for me, it's 2 out of 5 stars. but the cinema have this old chair that will squeak each time we move. not recomended for you who seeks comfort and great sound system for a cinema.

later on, we went back to shah alam, and we meet azy, hafiza and adam. adam went back to his house and i sent syikin and hafiza back to hafiza's house. i went back to rumah kedai rekot to pack my things as i'm planning to go back to um that night, as i'm having a class today at 9 am. i called my roomate later just to find out that he's already asleep. didn't want to disturb him, i decided to go back this morning instead. so i went to sleep.

pudin woke me up this morning and ask me to drop his japanese friend, lisa, (if i'm not mistaken) anywhere around bangsar so that she could take a cab to parlimen. lisa is a japanese student studying in australia and taking masters in asian studies. if i'm not mistaken, she's currently studying about malaysia so this is not her first time in malaysia. she's into this punk/HC scene, friendly and could speak good english, so it's not hard to communicate with her. i dropped her at a bus stop besides um before i make it into my class, late, just because of the traffic jamm at the federal highway. i hope lisa could find a cab driver who wouldn't take advantage of her by charging extra for her taxi fare as she's a foreigner.

enuf for this session. i don't know when i'll have the opportunity to write again in this blog, so, bye bye...