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Thursday, September 28, 2006


Happy 23rd birthday to her..

"The optimist proclaims that we live in the best of all possible worlds; and the pessimist fears this is true."
James Branch Cabell (1879 - 1958), The Silver Stallion, 1926

"Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards."
Soren Kierkegaard (1813 - 1855)

Sunday, September 24, 2006

election fever

tanggal 21 september 2006. hari mengundi untuk memilih majlis perwakilan MPP Universiti Malaya. untuk memilih calon-calon yang bakal menjadi suara pelajar. tapi bagaimana metaphor 'suara pelajar' itu di interpretasikan dalam majlis perwakilan? adakah sebagai wakil pelajar untuk menyuarakan pendapat para pelajar secara amnya ataupun sebagai suara pelajar tunggal agar pelajar lain tidak boleh bersuara? jawapannya penuh dengan konspirasi teori. macam konspirasi teori 9/11 dan pendaratan neil armstrong ke bulan. atau mungkin lebih dekat lagi, konspirasi teori yang dikemukakan oleh Dr. M mengenai rasuah yang dikesan berlaku didalam UMNO.

ya, aku pergi mengundi. tapi bukan atas dasar pro-aspirasi mahupun pro-pembangkang yang terlalu di overrated oleh media bila berlangsungnya pemilihan calon di IPTA. bukan juga atas dasar khabar angin bahawa terdapat pihak yang menggunakan wang pelajar demi kepentingan sendiri mahupun yang menggunakan taktik kotor ketika pemilihan calon.

aku mengundi untuk satu sebab. sebab yang aku sendiri pasti ianya benar, bukan cerita yang disampaikan dari mulut ke mulut. dan walaupun secara telusnya aku tak pasti apa perubahan yang akan berlaku hasil dari undian aku itu, aku cuma mahu melihat sebelah pihak itu jatuh. jatuh dengan ego-ego mereka sekali.

pesanan aku, jangan memandang rendah mereka yang di bawah apabila engkau di atas. emm..lebih jelas lagi, jangan pandang rendah pada sesiapa.

tapi hajat aku tak kesampaian.

namun undi aku tetap rahsia...

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Lord of War

i've just woke up from my evening nap. no wonder i've gained weight from day to day huh. yesterday i took my evening nap from 4 till 7! and today, i've miss my plan to play soccer. DAMN!!

i've watched this interesting movie downloaded by my friend, called Lord of War yesterday. starring nicholas cage, eathan hawke and some other who looks familliar but i don't remember their name. by the way, this movie was interesting in a 'disturbing' way. not that the story itself is disturbing, but the way it make me feel how on earth could there be such a heartless human being living on the earth, breathing on other peoples despair.

for those who haven't watch this movie, i'm sure you're confused right now. right now i'll be happy to enlighten you up. this movie tells a story about an arm dealer who at first starts by selling small weapons to small time croocks in his place before he decided to go big with a larger market. from there, he goes nationwide, to every war-torn country in this world, dealing big arms machinery, not to be bothered by who sides he's selling the weapons to, and what effect it might do. i won't spill out the whole story here, but it's enough for you guys to grasp the idea of this story.

there're one statement from the movie that goes on something like this..

"i did nothing wrong, i didn't kill anyone. people sell cigarette that statistically kills more people than guns do. tell me where i did wrong."

it's not the exact quote though. come to think about it, it does make sense. i mean, eventhough he's selling weapons illegally (eventhough there's a hint of support from governments around the world), what difference does it makes between selling guns illegally and selling cigarette legally?

the answer is actually simple.


people smokes or did anything destructable to his/herself with the awareness that the stuffs they take involve health risks or destructive in any nature. but when another person kill another human being (or animals, if that is align with your moral beliefs) with a gun, he/she is taking the lives of other human being without the person's consent. ok, so it may be with consent, suicide or a death penalty but that will involve a further elaboration and discussion, which i would not prefer to be included here, and i'm not an 'expert' in that area as well. but here, the main concern is consent. same as the thing that differ sex and rape.

but this is not a justification that smoking is ok. you decide it for yourself..

Saturday, September 09, 2006

book clearance

book clearance

i want to come to this book clearance event held by Pay Less Books, but it seems that my finance didn't allow me to. so if you're interested, please go.

Monday, September 04, 2006

all i get..

my mother had just being posted in mersing as the headmistress in one of the felda here. my mother held somekind of kenduri doa selamat last saturday and after that, i've decided to stay for a day or two with my mom. i've to rush back to jb last friday because of this kenduri. sorry to pika for not being able to send her to KLIA and sorry to azy, lokman, cem and ayeh for cancelling the jamming session at the last minute.

right now, i'm at tanjung leman. it's a beach. you could see pulau sibu from here. and for those who didn't know, pulau sibu is wholly owned by the royal family of johor. and i'm here alone...

the last time i went to a beach would be in batu feringgi, penang. my desire to jump to the sea was overwhelming at that time but i've succed in overcoming the desire (gua dah siap bawak baju/seluar/boxer/tuala spare lagi tu. dalam seluar dah siap pakai short kononnya nak buat mandi!). eventhough i failed to let the salty water to ich my whole body, i was able to capture these beautiful moments..

with these beautiful people..

and today, i'm able to take full dip inside the sea water, without my shirt on and showing my envious looking body, and it isn't that great after all. all i get is this wet bermuda shorts..

dirty beach..

and this lonely moment..

i was hoping i could get a glimpse of some hot sexy women but all there are were some people fisihg on the jetty. nahh.. i'll pass on all the hot sexy women in the world (i'm serious) if only i could be by her side right now...

Friday, September 01, 2006

i want caffeine..

can somebody please tell my why soulseek seems kinda shitty these days? i don't think it's because of my connection since my torrents are downloading smoothly. the way, sorry for not updating this blog for some time. i've been busy, with my studies and assignments of course, and sometimes i'm emotionally unstable. and right now i have to make resume for my industrial training and it should be in the faculty office by next week.

i want caffeine...