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Wednesday, June 09, 2004


ok, so my blog is available again after spending a few hours working on this new design. just a simple, borderless design. i'm thinking of putting a picture up here but i'm afraid that it'll get crowded. so here it is weather you like it or not.

i was using my mom's car last tuesday and guess what, the MBJB towed it because i parked it at the back lane while i'm settling the payment for my university. i was so shock to see the car wasn't at it's place and all i have in mind was it's stolen until a pakcik in a motorcycle told me that it was towed by the MBJB. it was quite a relief until i realize that i have to pay RM195 to get the car out of the MBJB compound and my mom and dad was mad at me as hell and i didn't have to pay a cent for it as i didn't have enough money. bodoh punya MBJB. dah la nyusahkan orang, pas tu nak saman memahal. saman bebanyak pun jalan lobang-lobang gak. kan gua dah geram.

Monday, June 07, 2004

poie pokan

i've bought a new bag and a shirt. i was searching for a new pants but i bought a shirt and i was looking for a snickers when i bought the bag. nothing interesting about the bag and shirt. it's just came to me that i didn't have a new shirt for quite a long time and it seems that my previous bag was either to big or too small. nothing attractive about those two things i've bought. i'm not the kind of person who'll go out and buy expensive things because of their looks. of course there's a lot of other bags and shirts that's far more attractive than the one i've bought but for now, paying RM23 for a shirt and RM30 for a bag can be considered good enough for me. money is one thing that i didn't have a lot of previllages on. i'm dependent on my parents money most of the time. i'm still studying and i didn't have any loan, so don't ask me why i'm still begging my parents for money. i do work during my semester breaks but i don't know where most of the money goes to. ciggarates maybe? of course i do want to buy things which looks good on me but i rather settle down to minimize my desire for such things for now. but i hope it won't be forever.

Sunday, June 06, 2004

i'm a cuppy

i'm somehow scared with the thought that i'll be studying again by next week. all this while, i always whining about how boring i get, and how good will it be if i'm still studying but ironically, this is how i felt right now, scared.

honestly, i wanted to study in UM not because of the 'high standard' that they have. it's just plainly because i want to be near with my friends and girlfriend. i don't want the history to repeat itself, but i also do not want to be far from them. i really hope that i'll get as much encouragement from them as much as the fun they'll gave to me. i really really want to do well this time. lets hope,, lets pray that all of us are able to make through our studies and achieve what each one of us are hoping for.

i met bongek last thursday. i think if it's not because that he wanted me to guide them to JKR, i won't be meeting him. but after a long time, i'm able to meet him. he asked me to go with him to rembau but i said that i couldn't as i have so many things to settle and i didn't have much money for that reason. i used to go to his house during semester break during my diploma years. usually we didn't do anything much while i'm at his house. just waiting for alan to come by and spend our times together. for your information, they're my school mates. yah, school was great because of them, all of them. now, i rarely meet or heard stories from any one of them except from buji and kompot. secondary school was the beginning of so many things for me.

alahai, dah kawan 9 tahun pun nak berkira.

syikin has stopped writing inside her blog. i think i'll keep on writing here as long as i think that i got something to share and write. besides that, i'm not as otai as her to quit just after a few months blogging. tak bb..tak tak!!

negeri sembilan [1] - johor [0]

yesterday i went to muar for the third time for this week. it was pretty pathetic as everytime i'm there, one thing for sure is i have to pick up durians. there's no big deal picking them up but the bigger deal is when i have to peel each one of the durians. believe me, there's plenty of em! and when i have to peel them off, it's the hassle that makes me so fucking hate to peel each one of them. the mess they created were unbareable and i have to do everything all by myself, from the beginning till the cleaning up process. my hand is full of cuts from the durian's thorn. if you think i'm being girlish by whining all of this thing, wait till you see how many durians i've brought back from each trip to muar and multiply it by 3. and i'm not really a big fan of durians so there's really no satisfaction from peeling all of those durians.

Thursday, June 03, 2004

tangan gue bau durian ni haa!

i've just came back from the polyclinic near my house to do my medical checkup before entering UM but they said that i have to do it at the hospital and it was only yesterday that i went to the hospital for the same reason just to be shoved back home as they are handling too many people doing medical checkup. i guess i have no one to blame. maybe i'll spend a few dollars to do it at a nearby clinic. it would be faster and easier for me.

i still don't know weather i'm ready to face my new life as a student which was supposed to begin next week.

sometimes it's just so hard to go to sleep with even a small guilt inside of me.

Tuesday, June 01, 2004


after all this while, i realize that my blog skin is quite lame. withoug pictures and anything, i guess people will get bored looking at it.

i've watched buletin utama last night and there was this prihatin section which shows the peoples who have certain misfortune such as illness and in desperate need for money. well, it's seems that everyday we heard about this kind of sorrow story and everytime i heard one, i've been thinking why can't our government increase the budget for our health ministry so that we can have a better government hospitals to treat such patient without the urging need to send them to specialized hospitals or even overseas? well, they can send people up in the mount of everest, build tall buildings and everything that, from my point of view, wouldn't do much good for a nation building. yah, when we're seen all over the world with all our potrays of a so called soon-to-be developed nation, we have investors all around the world pouring in to invest in our country. and the big company will earn more, the smaller company will have benefit from them and we all as a citizen will achieve modernization as a token of being a good citizen. so, from all the money we've made, why don't we increase some budget for our health ministry? or for the needy ones? there's also a news stated that about half of the newly registered government doctors resign just in a short period after they've devoted themselves to being a low-income governmental doctors. yes, we're happy to have malaysia being known all around the world, but some of us here are really suffering. this is a cliche. so be bored if you want.

i've got my upu results already. i've been admitted to UM. i'm just scared that i still couldn't do it. there's a trauma for being kicked out of university.