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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

we flood empty lake

i'm still in KL eventhough my exam is over. there's still one assignment to be submitted tomorrow. this assignment is essential for me to pass the paper, coz if not, all of my classmates will have to repeat this paper. so maybe i'll be back in JB next week or maybe later than that. or maybe i couldn't go back to JB for this holiday after all. it all depends.

i'm in a mood of writing just a few minutes ago but it seems that right now i'm sleepy and couldn't think clearly after completing my assignment. the way, congrats to apiz for his wedding. may they lives happily ever after. unfortunately i accidently left my camera, so there aren't any pictures to show here.

found another great band, yndi halda. an experimental band with ambient and post-rock influences. some compare their similarity with sigur ros, but i think sigur ros are too gloomy to be compared with yndi halda. it's also safe to say that they're comparable to deepset as well, minus the violin that they have in yndi halda of course.

playlist for this week:
1:emiliana torrini
3:the shins
4:yndi halda
5:need for speed carbon
6:main bola petang2

Saturday, November 25, 2006

this picture was taken with a smile

this picture was taken a few minutes before our farewell dinner, a few days before our spm and a few weeks before the end of our school years..

aku bersekolah di gentam, kuala pilah. orang panggil sekolah macam ni sekolah berasrama penuh. aku masuk sejak tingkatan 1 lagi. dan tak sampai beberapa minggu aku kat sekolah ni, aku dah dapat gelaran, keju. kalo nak tau macam mana aku dapat gelaran tu, tanya je aku. kalo aku rajin, aku jawab, kalo aku moody, harap maaf la kan.

sekolah ni dah mengajar aku macam-macam. aku pernah main kriket, main ragbi, berlakon kat pentas, berbahas, tu kalo nak cerita yang baik-baik laa. yang tak elok tu tak payah la aku terangkan panjang lebar. korang sendiri pun sedia maklum.

aku mengenali musik dan punk rock di sekolah ini. aku didedahkan pertama kali dengan musik ini oleh buji melalui kompilasi punk o rama, dan sejak dari situ aku terus menyelongkar dunia musik yang lain.

daripada situ jugak aku kenal dengan diy. aku membeli kaset dan zine diy pertama aku iaitu 76 Seconds dan Huh! Zine di studio atoy, kuala pilah. namun aku tak pernah melibatkan diri secara aktif dalam kelompok diy ketika itu, sehinggalah aku habis sekolah.

esok aku nak ke serting. apis kawin. tahniah! ekor tu ko buang lum nak kawin esok ni?

Friday, November 24, 2006

i don't know what to do..

i've been watching house m.d again. another good episode. again, house saves another patient, but my focus isn't really on how they cure the patient, it's the story behind it that's far more interesting.

"human can't control their emotions, but they can control their actions."

this script was spoken by dr. cameron regarding her alledged affair with her ex-husband's best friend (while she was still with her husband obviously. otherwise it wouldn't be called an affair). but she knows that it's wrong and deter herself from doing what she wasn't supposed to do, eventhough she claims that it was true love. in contrast with dr. wilson who repeatedly having an affair, with an excuse that human can't control their emotions.

and there's another case regarding a convicted murderer who're waiting for his death sentence, but still wouldn't deter house from saving him from his disease. it turns out that his glands that produce adrenalin are randomly spraying adrenalin into his bloodstream, causing an uncontrolled anger, which may be the reasons why he became a murderer. i mean, there's a medical reason behind someone being a murderer? isn't that something new to you as well?

and do you know that the maximum days a person could stay awake without any sleep is 11 days. i believe it's statistical rather than medically proven, but it makes the movie The Machinist medically unrelevant, eventhough it's still a great movie.

sigh..i have this this one thing going on all over my head and i don't really know what to do. all the consequences from all the options seems awful. it keeps me awake..

maybe i shouldn't worry. i still got 10 more days to go if i couldn't sleep tonight.

seems like i'm depressed? maybe i am, becauses i can't control my emotions. i'm relating myself to a TV series..

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

unemployed in summertime

this semester officially ends today. i've been through a lot this semester, some of it involving studies and some of it aren't. of course it isn't the end of everything but let me enjoy this temporary excitement.

one of the enjoyment involving a feast of satay kajang samuri. they couldn't bought enough satay during akasha's open house, so we decided to bring ourselves there instead. the mastermind would be the one who have high appetite for foods, me. hahaha..

our plan to play futsal afterwards was spoiled by the rain.

by the way, i'm been watching a lot of House M.D episodes lately. the things that got me to constantly watch episodes after episodes isn't exactly because of how great a doctor house is, but more on how the story reveals the harsh reality of life.

and i've also just watched The Weather Man, a story about a weather man who're trying to fix things with his ex-wife and kids. not really a top-listed movie for my personal list but it really worth watching. i would like to share a quote from the movie;

"..but easy doesn't enter into a grown-up life."

and i would like to share a music as well.

for those who're still having their exams, good luck.

p/s: btw, i'm searching for a job in KL that could fill my one month holiday. anybody?

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

far above our heads are the icy heights that contain all reason

sometimes we wonder whether do we really deserve what we got. whether we deserve the marks we got for our exam after days of studying, whether we deserve to be scolded when we've done what we could, whether we deserve to be treated badly when all we give were kindness, whether we deserve to be left out when we've done everything to belong.

some says that the big question is not what we deserve from others, but a matter of how much we could give to others.

a nobel thought..

but yet, ideal. meaning that it's far more likely to happen in a real world.

don't worry, it's just a thought. maybe i've watched too much episodes of House M.D.

and in a few hours, i'll be sitting for my last paper this semester.

Monday, November 20, 2006

don't make a sound shh... listen

akasha held an open house yesterday evening. nothing special except some super thick satay and nasi minyak! click on mus's monkey face below to view some pictures during the open house.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

i'm happy..sad..and worried..

morning is the time when i feel most vulnerable, and fragile. the time when all those emotions will attack me at the same time. rage, love, sadness, fearfull, insecure and whatever emotion you could name. make me want to spill all that i have inside my head. but don't worry, i won't. and don't worry, all that emotions doesn't particularly focus to a single person at the same time, sometimes it doesn't even relates to a human being at all.

i still have one more paper to go. don't ask me about yesterday's paper coz i don't want to think about it anymore. i've spilled it all to a person and there're nothing left to tell.

there're people that i need to meet as soon as this exam is over. i hope their house is still open to welcome me. i miss the sounds of those coins when they're playing u-know-what, i miss the sounds of azy's chugging guitar, lokman's bassline, ayeh's growling, zairi's laughs, cem's smell (no offence eh cem! hahah...), anip's cooking and bibir badul wan.

and i miss everything about her. i haven't meet her for a semester! so don't ask me whether i miss her or not. of course i do. the last time we've met would be right before the semester starts. it was also the time when i first met Layla Kathija.

ok, enough about this vulnerable morning. it's afternoon already. zali pun dah sms tanya aku kat tingkat mana kat library. memang menjajau la dia carik aku kang!

Friday, November 17, 2006

KEM kosong empat kosong kosong lima dua (part 2)

Nama : Mohd Nazir Bin Omar
No. Pelajar : KEM040052
Nama Subjek : Electrical Engineering & Law and Engineers
Kod Subjek : aku dah lupa
Tarikh Peperiksaan : 14/11/2006 & 15/11/2006

let me first talk about my electrical paper. as for the final examination, everything seems ok. this subject doesn't involve complicated mathematical equations or solution, not like most of the other mechanical subject, but you got to really understand the circuit to really answer the questions. i could answer most of the question except for one question on microprocessor and it involve assembly language programming. if my carry mark isn't that shitty, and the realization that i've used a wrong formula in one of the question, i would've targeted at least a B for this paper. maybe i'll settle for a C but who knows.

as for my law paper, it's in an objective format, which makes it easier to cheat during the examination. but guess what, i've decided to believe in myself rather than on someone else. wonders what motivates me? i ask myself the same question. but i guess after days of studying and memorizing, it has risen my level of confidence to answer it all by myself.

my next paper is Mechanics of Materials II, the killer subject for this semester. it is an open book examination, so you guys could wonder how tough it is. i really need a lot of luck on this..

by the way, i've just listen to Isis. check it out if you like it.

anyway, this band reminds me of Liquid Tension Experiment, eventhough there's quite a distinction between both of their music.

p/s: i miss her too..

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

mellow tunes for today

i have an examination a few hours from now, and i haven't slept yet. anyway, my next paper is Law and Engineers. wish me luck...

another tunes for you to enyoy.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

the tunes that keep me sane

my life is pretty plain nowadays. it mostly revolves around lecture notes and text books. i wake up every morning everyday with one mission; to go to the library as early as i can. we left the library at 6.00 everyday where we go back for bath and dinner. after isyak, we headed to our faculty. the library close at 10.30 every night, so we prefer to study in one of the classroom on our faculty which is always open, even till 6 in the morning. when it reaches 1 or 2 am, we headed back to our home.

after a day full of headache, i badly need at least a little escapism. so once i got home, i'll sit in front of my laptop, put my headphone on and log on to my radioblog or myspace to listen to some soothing indie tunes, or some heavy stuff or some annoying electro music.

this is my little a phone calls.

and these are some of the tunes that keep me sane..

Emiliana Torrini


Electric President


Elle A *try fashionista!



Friday, November 10, 2006

in the end.. only kindness matters

KEM kosong empat kosong kosong lima dua

Nama : Mohd Nazir Bin Omar
No. Pelajar : KEM040052
Nama Subjek : Instrumentation and Measurement Technique
Kod Subjek : KMEM3116
Tarikh Peperiksaan : 09/11/2006

Komen :
ok. nak kata boleh score aku tak jamin pasal paper ni kalo salah jawab kena tolak markah. so aku play safe dengan tak menjawab soalan yang aku tak tahu. secara keseluruhan, aku tinggalkan 3 soalan tak berjawab daripada 11 soalan yang ada. banyak soalan yang aku tak jangka akan keluar.

Next paper : Law and Engineer

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

i won't bow down to paranoia

this is tiring. i really can't wait for this semester to end. these are the list of the thing i'll do after my exam.

i) clean and rearrange my room.
ii) meet some friends i haven't meet for quite some time. (not meeting them has resulted in a speculation that i'm having an affair with another girl, thus cheating on my girlfriend)
iii) meet her.
iv) to be added later...

i'm having my first paper tomorrow, on the 21st. i didn't really aim high for this semester. i'm only aiming for at least a B-, no less than that please. gua ni takdela genius macam cik nurul ashikin tu. hehe.. just kidding la makcik. (but believe me, she's a genius).

and a few hours from now, i have a presentation to make. oh, and again, good luck for those who're having their final exam.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

i'm sorry..

i'm addicted to nowadays. i could just sit in front of my laptop for a few hours just listening to songs from bands and artists that i have and haven't heard before.

click on the link if you want to know more. by the way, is quite cool, except that you can only listen to excerpt of the featuring songs. maybe there're some other website that's offering both of what these 2 website is offering?

Saturday, November 04, 2006

get well soon..

i'm constantly sufferring a headache these days. all of my studies this semester will be assessed starting next week. so, being a student who slightly learn from my past mistakes, studying at the last minute is 'essential'. i've spent most of the days and nights at library for this whole week to cover for all the syllabus i've learnt. no, don't ever think that i'll excel for doing this. hopefully i'll excel but i think this is the best i could do for not studying early.

anyway, it wasn't that bad either. ramai wooo awek study kat library!

by the way, i'm introducing you guys to Rachael Yamagata. i've discovered her from and later realized that one of her song is included in The Last Kiss original soundtrack.

my favourite for now would be 'I'll Find a Way'. enjoy!

oh, and good luck for those who're having or will have their final examination as well. don't forget to take care of your health.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Let's get out of this country

Let’s get out of this country
I’ll admit I am bored with me
I drowned my sorrows and slept around
When not in body at least in mind
We’ll find a cathedral city
You can convince me I am pretty

We’ll pick berries and recline
Let’s hit the road dear friend of mine
Wave goodbye to our thankless jobs
We’ll drive for miles maybe never turn off
We’ll find a cathedral city you can be handsome I’ll be pretty

What does this city have to offer me
Everyone else thinks it’s the bee’s knees
What does this city have to offer me?
I just can’t see
I just can’t see

Let’s get out of this country
I have been so unhappy
Smell the Jasmine my head was turned
I feel like getting confessional
We’ll find a cathedral city you can convince me I am pretty

What does this city have to offer me
Everyone else thinks it’s the bee’s knees
What does this city have to offer me
I just can’t see
I just can’t see

camera obscura