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Monday, August 16, 2004

memang den pemaleh pun lokman accuse me of being lazy for not writing inside this blog. actually right now i'm damn busy doing my assignment which should be submitted this wednesday. guess what, i've done 3/4 of it and then my hard disc got somewhat corrupted and so do my assignment! i've been busting my ass doing that assignment during my holiday and a month before that and now it's gone! completely gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and i still got time to write something inside this blog. what a lazy ass i am... fuck

Saturday, August 07, 2004

the return of the triumphant loser

it's been a very very long time since i wrote inside this blog. i don't know what the purpose for this blog to exist but i'll keep it right here. dont worry.

i'm on holiday right now but i got much more important problem to settle first. it's about the credit transfer to UM. for all this time i've been going back and back again to UiTM to settle this problem, it's seems that all is just a waste of time. so i've decided that this monday will be my last effort to beg for UiTM to give me what i want. it's too complicated to tell what's my problem here. so here i am, in shah alam, and maybe i'll be here till this monday, sacrificing my holiday for this fucked up things which seems hopeless at some times. but what the hell...

and after this holiday will be weeks full of tests and tests. and i've got 2 assignment and 3 lab report to submit after this holiday! don't accuse me of enjoying or doing things the last minute,well, maybe a little, but why should they burden the students with a lot of assignment, lab report and test at the same time. yeah, yeah..that's a student live. got to get over with it.

ok..see you guys later. maybe i'll update this blog tomorrow, maybe next week, maybe next month or maybe next year. who knows, and who cares. take care everybody..