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Monday, June 27, 2005

penang oh penang

i'm in penang right now. you can view some photos in syik's photobucket. i'll write something later.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

penjelajahan nasi kandar

i'm going to kl today. as a reminder for all of you, there will be a benefit gig for the domestikxdoktrin tour this saturday, with an additional performance by STEVE TOWSON&The CONSCRIPTS.

and on sunday, i'm going to penang. hope everything will go on smoothly.

p/s: if you're free on friday night, do drop by serdang's eruption studio from 9 till 11 pm as there will be a small jamming session. the info is on my previous posting. contact buji (his cellphone number is stated below) or if his line is busy, just contact yus, wan or maybe me.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Serdang show!! come come!!

Nevermind John Denver, here comes Steve Towson

POLARIS - kl prog rock
NYIBLORONG - Serdang 3rd rate hardcore headroom
SELFMADEGOD - Serdang super moshing crustcore
INFINITE DELAY - N9 insane math ( formula ) core
STEVE TOWSON - Aussie ultimate folk gangster
( mini release part Steve Towson&The Conscripts / My
Precious split cd " The venom in my veins " )

-bring extra money PLEASE and buy that cd

Tarikh : 24/06/2005
Tiket : RM2 or Donation
Venue : Eruption studio - call: Buji - 0193614443
start : 9 malam - 11 malam

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

hantu-hantu berkeliaran sekali lagi

another gig at revoltandchaos!! and steve towson will be in KL the day before that on the benefit for DxDx gig in pauls place as well.

Saturday, June 18, 2005

milk for kitten

my mom brought another kitten from her school a few days ago. she said that someone had thrown this little kitten alone, without any mother to feed from. and guess what, the kitten is only one or two weeks old! so, since the kitten was so small, it cant eat anything yet except milk. since we don't know how to come up with cat's milk, my mom just gave the kitten the usual dairy milk we usually drinks at home. i've done some research (cewahhh!) and i was somewhat afraid if the kitten might died if we keep feeding it the usual dairy milk. cats was suppose to drink non-dairy, lactose free milk, which could be digested by cat's digestive system, which means that it's hard for them to digest the normal dairy milk we used to drink at home, and even harder for kitten to do so. but the kitten is still alive till now. by the way, this is one of the kitten milk recipe i've found on the net that i would like to share it with you guys. it's not that i made it myself, in fact, i didn't even have some of the ingredient stated here. so here it goes :

Kitten Milk

-1 c. dry milk,}Or 3/4 c. dry non-dairy or lactose-free milk-mix according to directions for 2 cups)
-2c. water
-1 extra large eggyolk (or two small- NO WHITES)
-1 T. karo syrup
-1/8 tea. salt(low sodium)
-2 T.emulsified cod liver oil (or Olive oil, or cod-liver oil capsules to equal 1 teaspoon)
-2 T. soy protein powder+ 1 cup water
-100 mg.vitamin E natural
-200 mg. pulverised calcium tablet
-1 digestive enzyme tablet emptied

Beat together all ingredients, or shake well . Store in frig.Shake well each time served. Warm to body temp for tiny kittens, room temp for 6 wks & older kittens. Store no more than 3 days

Friday, June 17, 2005

new skin, new stars..

ok, so i get bored with the previous skin and put up a new skin. mind u that the stars got nothing to do with communisme or what so ever (maybe it's not even a symbol for communisme, but what the hell). i've also create a new link to revoltandchaos online and syikin's new website. so check it out!!

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

payung pagoda

i was walking to the bus stop through the moody sky which have been shining like the sun will be falling to earth just now but as i'm walking, the sky is so dark and the wind blew so hard that they carried the dust along into my eyes and it seems like somekind of hail is coming. i've thought of bringing an umbrella along but as i didn't have those cute little umbrella which i can just pack inside my bag, i dismiss the thought after taking into account the difficulties to bring such a long umbrella (payung pagoda!). i withdraw some money before reaching the bus stop as an act to play safe in case the ticket cost more than what's stated. the bus arrived in no time and in no time as well, i arrived to the city center. they've done somekind of landscaping and put up some 'stylo' stall (macam bintang walk la kononnya) along sungai seget. there was also this meldrum walk just opposite of it. it is nice, but as i heard one makcik complaining about how those money could use into more beneficial investment, such as building a proper stalls for those stalls which have been shut down (mind u that before the 'seget walk' was built, it was the site for the infamous 'hard rock jb', somekind of huge food court with a lot of food stalls). but i cant really comment on that.

i didn't have to ring the bell as i've reached city square as it is the hot spot for passengers to come aboard the bus. i was quite amazed by the city's achievement (i haven't been into jb's city center for quite some time) as i walk into the city square. the ktm is situated just opposite the city square so i have to go through the city square to reach ktm station. as i went on into the other side of the road, the surrounding suddenly turns into a ghetto. with beggers with feet full of blisters begging with a sympathic face, and the typical colonial building of ktm station, i felt like i've been to another place which is truly the opposite of the opposite side of the road.

there's not many people inside the station so the counter is empty with customer while i inquire about my already booked ticket. without hesitation, i gave out the booking number to the counter person but as he recieved it with a shocking face, i knew there was something wrong. he then pushed some button on the keyboard and said that the number i've given wasn't sufficient. i called syikin and ask her to check the email that ktm had given to her. thankfully she had internet connection in her office and thankfully she still kept the email. i excitedly watches as the counter person print the ticket, and as i held it in my hand, i knew that even this was as plain as any paper can be, it was the beginning of our little journey. a little journey it will be..

Monday, June 13, 2005

panas membahang!!

as i've said on my previous posting, i'm going to yesterday's fnb benefit gig, and that's the exact thing i did yesterday. maybe quite late, but not so late. i missed one band. i'm not really sure what's the first band are but i believe it's 'nicotina'. not really sure as well where they came from or what style of music they played. ok, after drawing some money from maybank as i only had a few ringgit inside my wallet, i went in and said hi to some friends along the way. as i walk inside the jamming studio, i go straight to maiden (he's the vocalist of blood on wedding dress) after i spotted him selling some B.O.W.D stuffs on the floor. i bought their cdr (which is great, after hearing it just now), and i was in front of the stage in no time. the band performing at that time was lumrah from muar. i noticed that their drummer was also form a metalcore band called liberate, which of course, hail from muar as well. lumrah played old scool hc. great performance although there's nothing new in their music (it's not that i hate old school hc music). the third band was subtle revenge from singapore. at first i thought this band played somekind of thrash as i noticed that some of their line up was also from this thrash band called under attack. my assumption was certainly wrong when they've started playing. they played metallic old school hc a'la strife and recover, which is still my fav band till now. they even played covers from recover, and yeah, strife as well. i go straight to erin after they've played to buy their demo cdr (which is great, as i heard it a while ago). i also bought timmy's latest zine, standpointofmind #9. the fourth band was blood on wedding dress. paktua only realized that i was present at the gig by this time. as soon as they started playing, the crown goes crazy. they played this technical/math core, as people say it, and they played it well.

i was so exhausted by this time (mind u that the temperature inside that room was damn hot, so hot that i think most of the oxygen inside was already burned or transfered into carbon dioxyde, as it was hard to breath as well), that i decided to go down first to get some fresh air, and some "poisonous air" as well. i met din akar downstairs and lepak2 and minum2 with him as well with some other friends. by this time, shortsited was playing but i didnt dare to go upstairs at that time (mind you, it was because of the heat, not because of the band or the music, although the music they played wasn't really my cup of tea). by the time minus played, i decided to go upstairs to snap some picture but as i've snapped 2 or 3 picture of the band, my camera ran out of battery, so i decided to leave my camera inside my car. i waited for the next band to go on stage after minus, and it was neverend from klang. they have line up from the infamous band, sarjan hassan as well, which is asan, the drummer for both bands. i really like this band. it's not that i'm really a fan of thrash music, but they blend their thrashy sound with some rocking and metal parts, and they made it sounds really well. maybe the sound itself wasn't new, only to my ears maybe. and the last band for the day was devilica, from seremban. ah, i forgot to mention that there's a band which is already on the list to play yesterday but couldn't make it as they have some trouble with their line up. it was tolibxjoe band which is happo haiken. ok, back to the band devilica, this band played some sort of technical hc as well, but maybe not as thechnical as BOWD. i think they called their music progressive hc. simmillar to converge i think. they even covered one song from converge's new album.

the gig ends with some minum2 with friends. and i went back to my house around 9 o'clock. overall, it was a great gig. kudos to the organizer, and hopefully the collection they got for that they could help FNB JB future plans. ah, and thanks to epit for giving me a small treat. u could click to the my photos link on the left side of this page to view some of the picture i've took. enjoy!


Saturday, June 11, 2005

RevoltAndChaos HQ: Project01 Party

RevoltAndChaos HQ: Project01 Party

Infinite Delay
At Least I Speak
Blood on Wedding Dress
Portrait of Endless Misery
Day or Tomorrow

2 PM, Saturday, 11th June 2005
Venue: No. 28, 1st Floor, Jln SJ 8/4A, Taman Seremban Jaya, 70450 Seremban, Negeri Sembilan

more info:

p/s : another gig by this harworking people. but sadly i can't attend this gig as i'm in jb. sob sob :~(

FxNxBxJxB's benefit gig

Saturday 12th June 2005.
Countach Studio, Taman U, Johore Bahru.
2.30pm. RM5

With ton of bands:
Subtle Revenge
Happo Haiken
Blood On Wedding Dress

p/s: thankfully i remember about this gig. if not, i'll be spending this weekend bored. i'll try my best to attend this gig. tunggu aku pak tua!!

Thursday, June 09, 2005

sepakat untuk tidak sepakat!

Benefit For Domestik Doktrin Tour 2005
25th June 2005, Saturday, 2pm
Paul's Place, Jalan Klang Lama

Prisma Fossil - johor bahru - psychedelic rock
Inikah Hidup - terengganu - screamo hardcore
Days of Tomorrow - pasir gudang - metalcore
Elegy for Eulisza - singapore - emo violence
Jeritan Sepi - johor bahru - power violence
Skullkrusher - keramat - d-beat crust
Selfmadegod - serdang - hardcore grind
Tool of Trade - kluang- grindcore

Public Transport routes:
From the front of Kota Raya Komplek, Metrobus 19 & 18
Rapid KL buses, 51, 55, 55A & SS (Sri Sentosa)
Komuter train: Petaling Station

Papakerma: 019 2026684 /
DIY HC Gala: 019 3614443 /
Riang Ria DIY: 012 2392485 /


Monday, June 06, 2005

i'm back again!

i'm in JB again. nothing much to say. my cat has died.

all i have to do is to wait for 14 days..

Sunday, June 05, 2005

my fun day!



Friday, June 03, 2005

late posting

i don't know why, but nowadays, i used to woke up at 8 in the morning, even though i've only slept for 4 or 5 hours. maybe it's because of the heat, or maybe it was the urgency to go to the toilet. but of course lah, i slept again afterwords. that's what's happening to me now, waking up early, but still couldn't shut my eyes, yet.

our conversation can simply change from excitedness to unhappy. it can be anything that triggers it. just one simple words from any of us could do it. then there was this uncomfortable silence. silence that was mixed with ego or guilt or anger. sometimes the three of it could exist together, but sometimes, one could do it. the silence could get so long, that at the near end, i'm longing for her voice, really afraid that i couldn't hear it again, but this ego thing kept me from saying any words. at this point, i just regret what i've said. let it be me or her who 'triggers' the silence, let it be me or her who's wrong, just let me hear her voice again. i'll forgive her if she's wrong, i'll admit i'm wrong if i'm wrong, i'll try to change if that's should, but i won't let her hate me for something that could be resolved. well, most of the time, we could settle things down (obviously), coz sadness will haunt me so bad if i didn't do anything. ok, so before i sound to be more pathetic, let just say that i really hate it when we have this small fights, especially when i acted with my pure ego.

i've quit my job at pizza hut. today is supposedly to be my last day, but i'm still considering to work on saturday since tomorrow is a public holiday and so they will triple the salary. i tend to make this last minute decision. it is something that i shouldn't do more often, especially if it involves anyone else. coz by then, it will keep others waiting for my decision.

so, i think i'm gonna miss the vivisick and FxOxB gig this sunday. i kinda want to meet some friends during this gig but i have to go back to JB on sunday. dropping by isn't my option since i'm considering the difficulties for me to commute here and there. so, next time my friends. enjoy your day.