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Sunday, January 23, 2005

SOL!! SOL!! SOL!!!!!

SOL KL's show. Better late than never!

SOL - devastating CRUST HARDCORE from Germany

When? Tuesday, 25th January 2005 from 6pm until end.

[The New] Paul's Place
No 8, 2/137B, Resource Industrial Center,
Off Jalan Klang Lama, 58200 Kuala Lumpur.
(Opposite the highway from Pearl International Hotel, OUG)

How to go there?
From Bus Stand Klang (nearby Central Market),
take either Metro bus and rapid kl bus thats heading for Jalan Klang Lama!

..not forgetting local supporting bands!

Skullcrusher - d-beat crust
Kuchalana - reggae
Quast of Quasar - screamo hardcore
Jason Vorhess - old school hardcore

BTW; 25th February is not WESAK DAY, but it's THAIPUSAM, which means that only Johor, Negeri Sembilan, Perak, Pulau Pinang & Selangor will have a public holiday, NOT KL and the rest!

CD RELEASE: PACK / SOL split CD had been released by life on the edge records for just RM 11ppd. contact them at The cd will gonna be sold on that day.

More info?
The organizer: or

also could take bus from KOTA RAYA COMPLEX .. bus fare RM1.60
taxi fare around RM10.00 from kotaraya or central market

metro bus : 20 and 19
intrakota bus : 68 and 69
park may or rapid KL : 51 and 55 and 55A , SS (seri sentosa)

OR just ask the driver !!!

Sunday, January 09, 2005

the breakdown

ok, so now i'm back in shah alam and by the end of this night, i'll be at um for sure. i told you guys that i went back to shah alam last night rite? well, guess what. my bus got this engine problem and the bus have to stop on the left side of the highway for about 2 hours! from my calculation, the bus was suppose to have reached shah alam at about 11.30 (since my bus depart at about 6.30pm) but becoz of the breakdown, the bus reached shah alam at about 2.00 am. thank goodness that atiah arrived shortly after that with dean, pudin and her sister.

there'll be class again tomorrow. and tests all along this week. boring...

Saturday, January 08, 2005

sambal gesek and limau nipis

this was suppose to be my last night at home after my mid semester break. i've just bought ticket to shah alam tomorrow at 6.30 pm. yeah, i'll be missing the gig and the opportunity to meet syikin. but i just couldn't make it. it isn't impossible but i'll be carrying a heavy bag tomorrow and i don't want to go everywhere carrying the heavy bag. so i guess it's better i go to shah alam and have someone to fetch me up. but still i decided to head back on saturday. no concrete reason for that.

so, you're wondering about the heading huh? well, i've just learnt to make sambal gesek a few days ago although i only had a vague memory of eating it once at alan's house. it's quite simple and convinient for lazy guys like me. so here, i decided to reveal the method to all of you guys and girls out there.


1: first of all, you have to prepare some anchovies and cili api for the main ingredient. it's hard to tell how much of those do we need to make it, so it'll be easier if you guys could just grab a packet of those in your nearest supermarket. or if you're living with your parents, i bet there're some inside the refrigerator or cupboard.

2: this is the hard part (at least, for me). to decide the portion of each ingredient to be used. i leave this part to you guys. you have a common sense do you? if you put in 15 cili padi, then you know it'll get really spicy. so just put a little bit more of the ikan bilis (anchovies) to make it less spicier, and so on.

3: after you've decide the portion of each ingredient, make way for a stamping ground coz here comes your lesung batu!! yeah, you have to mix the ikan bilis and cili api and smash it till it looks pleasant to be eaten. you have to use your common sense here as well. ah, and i also recomended that you use the green cili api only as a mixture of both red and green isn't nice on the eye (i just assume it that way. go ahead if you want to mix it). and don't forget to put quite a thick layer of cloth underneath the lesung batu to absorb the sound.

4: so, finally. you'll have a decent looking sambal gesek that certainly wouldn't be as decent as it looks once you've eaten it. and now goes the limau nipis part. to make it taste nicer, or maybe less spicier, pour in some limau nipis (or limau kasturi. it doesn't matter as long as you didn't pour some oranges in there).

5: you can eat it with rice and with other food as well. but as syikin said, it is best served when there's no other food beside rice and maybe telur mata lembu or ikan goreng. you get the idea.

there you go. i bet no one gonna try to make sambal gesek using my method here. anyway, thanks to syikin for 'conducting' me to make sambal gesek. happy trying!!

Friday, January 07, 2005

my kitten was raped

yeah, my beloved kitten was being raped this morning. that was the exact word my mother screamed this morning that had me woken up. it was kinda fun hearing that a cat was being raped but seeing blood dripping from her behind, i sympathize her. i guess it was the big cat who i kept seeing in front of the house who did this. in fact, i think he's the only male cat who dominate this 'territory'. later on, i have to clean her up and give her a warm bath. to tell you the truth, i was pity and scared at the same time, seeing the blood. if i'm not mistaken, my kitten is only 3/4 months old. imagine if the same thing happens to human. i mean a little kid being raped or at least molested. how could they knew what was coming? this seems sensible since they're cats, but human?

ok, enuf of cats being raped already. it seems that my holiday had almost come to an end. it's already friday and i'm planning to go back on saturday morning since i want to attend the unholy grave gig in KL tomorrow evening. but i calculated the time and it seems that i'll be rushing if i depart from jb to shah alam staurday morning. so maybe i'll take a bus from jb to kl and bring along my heavy bag to the gig so i'm able to attend the gig. or maybe i'll just go back on sunday. i hate having to sort out these kind of things where the most sensible option is gonna let me miss the fun. oh, what the hell..


ok, so as i've promised you guys before, here i've posted a few pictures during fazri's wedding ceremony in pontian. anyway, thanks to syikin for letting me to use her photobucket to post these pictures. and also thanks to din akar for capturing these pictures.

f8a51828.jpg S2300019.jpg

S2300008.jpg S2300025.jpg

Monday, January 03, 2005

where do i begin?

i guess it's too late to wish all of you a happy new year but who cares. i spent my new year eve at shah alam, while trying to figure out what's wrong with dean's newly bought hard disk. yeah, i'm in JB now for my semester break holiday. if not, i guess there wouldn't be any post here on a monday morning. i've just reached JB this morning at 2.30 a.m after spending my evening with my girlfriend at seremban where i took an 11.00 pm bus to JB. i've waited about one hour at the bus station, reading book while waiting to call my sister to fetch me up. i called her at about 3.30 and she arrived 15 minutes later. so this is my first official day at home.

new year huh? there's nothing special to be said about that, almost. i guess this new year and every new year after this will become significantly important to me as it'll mark how many years has passed and how many years to go before i graduate and able to hold my degree. and maybe this new year will promise me something special or extra ordinary. i've seen 2004 as a year of my decline. not just decline in my studies, but also my financial..bla bla bla..and so on. but there were a few beautiful things happens which makes 2004 (and 2003) the year that i won't forget. yeah, it was a year where i celebrated my first year in a relationship with syikin (25 dec), which is also my first (and hopefully, the only) girlfriend i have since my almost 23 years of existance.

i won't have a new year resolution but i guess i have to improve my studies, control my money, save some money so that i could buy things i'm craving for and start doing my prayer 5 times a day. these are not new year resolutions. it's more of my everyday resolution, which i failed to do most of it perfectly, almost everyday.

oh yeah, before i end this crappy little thought for today, i would like to share something with you guys. i've watched this dvd bought by din (i don't know wether pudin or dean bought it) called 'the last horror movie' and it's great! the movie shows how a psychopathic serial killer filmed his murder act and some of his everyday life as an attempt to 'create something new'. the only thing that's lack in it is 'gore-ness'. maybe they can show more blood to make it more horrified. but it's still worth watching rather than the usual killing-people-for-revenge, or any psycho serial killer movies (except 'identity'. i love it as well). so, go grab it if you find it interesting! for sure, it won't be entering any cinemas in malaysia, i guess.

ok..that's all for now.