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Saturday, October 30, 2004

morning delight

i'm just bored this saturday morning that i've decided to finish this poem i started a few days ago.

Ones wisdom would deny it
But ones wisdom couldn't forsake it
For without it
Love would have no affection
For without it
Care would just slip away

Reminding myself constantly
That jealousy shouldn't play a role in our judgement
That jealousy is just a notion without settlement
For if it lands inside our heart
Our judgement are blurred with emotion
Or is it just me?

It's hard to forsake
Something that could not be forsaken
Just knowing that I would not

That I'll never
Impaired my thought with

Friday, October 29, 2004

I know I won't be leaving here with you

poor nazir. perhaps this time he learnt his lesson. i also wonder why, it seems like we cant even trust the person who're just a pillow away from us. then who to trust? i have been in such a deep shit with my room mate earlier this year. i nearly lost all my pocket money because of her but luckily i framed her with the help of hafiza. yeah, felt like genius spy that day. it was the most horrible day in my life after knowing who stole my money and the atm card. but until today i still didnt get it for the sake of what she did it?
i've been planning to go back to my gramma house this weekend. but i have to re think about it. my mom said she wanna cooked us nasi ayam this sunday so i think i hafta cancel the plan again.
today this house playlist is the soundtrack from Puteri Gunung Ledang. i dont know since when my sis knew how to download songs...and by the way i was flattered with Franz Ferdinand, hope to listen more to their songs.

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

someone stole my handphone!

ok, so now i'm living without handphones, again. but now, it's not that my mobile gadget broke down or something. it's lost!! totally lost! yeah, i seems to not believing it myself but that's the truth. i woke up yesterday morning when my father called, i took a bath while everyone in the house was still sleeping and i finished bathing realizing that the door was open, which i positively sure was locked before i go to bath, and the first thing that came into my mind was my handphone, and surely it wasn't there in its place. i immidietly try calling my handphone but no ringing tone was heard at any corner of the house and the call wasn't even connected, which means that whoever got my handphone has switch it of and maybe throw the simcard away. fuck it!! and after everyone in the house has woke up, we realize that peja also lost his handphone and one of his wrist watch. i don't know what to think, how to act or who to suspect. i know that there are a few 'robberies' before inside the house but still they couldn't figure out who did it. as i heard it, they have a suspect and he's also living inside the house, which probably means that this is a case of kawan makan kawan. i don't know wether to believe them or not. i decided not to take it that hard as it isn't my fault at all.

i really don't know why people could stole other things from someone whithout having the thought that the someone you stole things from would suffer from the lost. it's not that i've never stole anything, but as far as i could remember, i've never stole anything which can be considered precious (if stationaries and coins are considered precious, then you can forget this statement) from an individual. maybe i've shoplifed before, but it's not like i stole anything above 10 ringgit, in fact, i think it's not even above 3 ringgit! (it's not the total amount of the things i've stole, get it?). so, just a big FUCK YOU to those who stole my handphone.

as i've already decided to go home that day, that what i did without any thought to stay to at least figuring out who stole my handphone. why should i when no trace or proof is available and i'm already running short of pocket money to stay much longer in shah alam. so i go back to jb from seremban, so that i and syikin could buka puasa together. she gave me a treat and i went back to jb with an 8 pm plusliner bus.

p/s: to lokman - ooooo...dah kaya mau lari pulak. kata mau belanja. mana janji2 manis mu. mentang2 aku makan banyak, takut ko nak belanja aku.

p/s: for anyone who is in urgent need to contact me, just email me or say something inside the shoutbox ok? it it's really2 urgent, just give a call to my house in JB.

Sunday, October 24, 2004

finished! my final exam is over for my first semester in UM and the same goes for miss nurul ashikin. everything is much the same from what i've experienced while in UiTM. but that doesn't mean that i can do all of my exam questions. believe me, no matter how many times u learn those things, you still couldn't be considered an expert (or maybe it's just me?). and now i'm still in shah alam still figuring out when to go back to JB. maybe this week or maybe i'll work here for one week before going back since faiz (not faiz duta ok!) has this job for a data entry clerk and the best part is u can quit whenever u want. but i'll figure that out later.

now that acad had taken his DVD player away, it seems that the 'rumah kedai' seems quite boring. thank to my PC and the TV, that house isn't that boring. that's all for now, i'll update this site later on when i can get a hand on my pc at home. daa...

p/s: u haven't told me about that cd yet my dear.

Friday, October 22, 2004

one cold night

yeah i know i shouldnt be home a time like this. it just i cant resist the temptation of being home even it just a short gap. my last paper is on saturday and i think nazir's last paper too is on saturday, phew!!! what a relief! bleh enjoy la pasni. talking about exam... i dunno what will my result look like. my carry mark is quite okay compare to my other groupmates... perhaps my advantage is on my poly's experience and my interest in computing. but i'm doing shit on maths. i dunno since when i am so stupid in math. perhaps since i am kutkm's student.
i heard lokman's is a rich man now. wonder when he's gonna belanja me makan... if he didnt contact me until this sunday, i will curse him till he beg on his knee for apologize. bwahaha! kejamnya aku.
i watched this sad indonesian's movie featuring nic saputra and ria irawan few weeks ago. the tittle is biola tak berdawai. damn poetic name huh? i was crying like hell and lucky me my roomate didnt woke up for my loud sobbing. it tells story about a woman and her obsession with one little special kid under her care. she actually runs a house for special babies. and the story lingers around the house and the people who live there... i love all the characters especially mbak wid and her teka-teki's dialogue. everything is teka teki to her, amused by the way she think how everything is sucha conundrums... if you're hoping this movie is another version of ada apa dengan cinta... i think you're wrong. nic developed his character good enough from my point of view. and ria also touching me heart everytime i saw her with dewa. who's dewa? you should watch this movie...if you're not just another ordinary fan of nic's gorgeousness. hahah!!!
i'm gonna go back to my college tomorrow, err i mean this evening. and i'm going back alone...

p/s: hey baby (no, i'm talking to nazir not you so dont gimme that look, okay?), did i tolcha i had found the missing cds?

Thursday, October 07, 2004

intruder alert?

nope, of course there's no intruder inside this blog. it's just i'm sharing this blog with my dear miss nurul ashikin. so maybe this blog will improve sometimes in the near future, with new design and all. both of us are just busy right now concentrating on our exam which will start this monday. wish us luck!!

Saturday, October 02, 2004

my first post in someone else's spot

hello, i must be out of my mind. perhaps thats what you said when you saw this post. i dunno... maybe i just miss blogging and blog jumping.. you can tell that. so whats up? nothing much going on around here but for some info, split zine project between sure and xspomx had now released. i think i'm not really satisy with the layout. a little bit senget2 and i hate that senget2. i'll figure out how to fix it later. maybe you can get a copy from myself whenever we met. i wont spread it via mail anymore. enough for now... i'll write more later!