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Thursday, July 29, 2004


Friday, July 09, 2004

so here i am, writing my own rants inside this computer lab so that i don't have to go to the overpriced cc here. after living and studying a few weeks here in um, i find it quite boring. i don't know why. maybe it's because i didn't have any form of entertainment inside my room and my roommate is so quite that we're only capable of having a conversation for a few minutes, and sometimes only a few seconds. for your information, the hostel i'm living in goes in a 2 person per room basis.

as for my studies, i've learnt most of the subject i took for my first semester, but guess what, i forgot most of it! biasa la kan. zaman bila pulak aku belajar benda alah tu semua. and i'm still waiting for the approval for my application to transfer all those credit hours that i've taken. believe me, in um, all is about procedure and it sucks!

and i met syikin last weekend.

Thursday, July 01, 2004

maybe this isn't the end after all

i've been surfing the internet to do my assignment until i'm so bored that i decided to write something here. so maybe there's no goodbye after all. muahahaha!! saja bikin gempak beb! but there wouldn't be much to write here as i didn't spent most of my night in cc as what i did while i'm still a loser without anything to do. in fact, i guess i'll only go to cc when i'm really-really bored or i have an assignment to do. it's quite hard to go to cyber cafe's here.

this week has been a week of meeting friends (and girlfriend). firstly, i met my fellow friends here at my new studying institution, which was my schoolmates. so there's jobong, piut, zairie, mat sap, marikh...bla bla bla and now i spent almost everyday at their house. while during the weekend, syik came to shah alam (she only stayed for a night in shah alam) and i met her along with hafiza and byni and some usual friends in shah alam of course. we also went to subang with friends from acad's house. and last wednesday, alan came to kl and we went to buji's house along with jobong and met black with his tanglung moustache. it's been a pleasant week of meeting old and new friends.

now i realize how ugly is my blog. i usually surf the net using netscape browser and didn't realize it look like this when viewing from internet explorer. just bare with it ok?