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Wednesday, September 28, 2005


guess who's birthday is today. yeah, my dearest syikin has turned 22 today. HAPPY 22nd BIRTHDAY!! hope that she has better days waiting ahead of her.

i couldn't write more as i'm just dropping by this computer lab in between my class intervals, so, good bye for now.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

my thoughts, my opinion...

it seems that the writing by ronnie liu (if i'm not mistaken) from DAP had somehow trigger BN leaders to go on a all out campaign against communism. you could see from the short commercial and even in the news where some veteran who have fought for the independence of Malaya at that time, says how bad chin peng is and how bad is communism for the people of this country. i'm not a person who holds communist ideology or any other political ideology, nor i know the idea behind communism, far away from knowing chin peng personally. but as i read the article by ronnie liu, i could say that the UMNO leaders has misinterpret what he has wrote. maybe the article somehow reflects the pointlessness of condemning the past prime minister by saying that they're on the british side just because they recieve british education (or maybe it's just me who misinterpret what he said), but on chin peng, the writer only mentioned his name once and that was to make his point that the pressure put up by PKM and chin peng through his arm rebels was one of the main reason that forces the british to declare malaya as an independent country. and it's not just chin peng that he mentioned, even some other leaders from different parties and races, such as ahmad boestaman and such, which he ask to be recognize also as the freedom fighter for the independence of malaya. i'm not trying to create a nationalistic sentimen here nor trying to influence people into communism or any other political agenda. not that i'm somekind of radical anarchist who rejects the existence of nations, countries or borders. i'm just a person who're trying to share my thoughts.

and tomorrow i'll be going back to kl.

see you guys again some other time...

Thursday, September 08, 2005

decrease? increase?

i was eating some duku when buletin utama started and on hearing something about oil prices-assuming that oil price will rise again - i eagerly rush to my living room to watch the news. fortunately, it's not what i've assumed. they were talking about the cut of 50% in road tax for cars below 1000cc (i guess) and motorcycles (i don't remember which cc). and the government also confirmed that the toll won't rise until next year. all of these was because of the rise in oil prices recently, which widely effect the prices of other goods as well. well, i guess it's some kind of good news, but as one respondent said on the news, it would be much greater if the insurance was cut 50% rather than the road tax, and one respondant even suggested that the government diminish the road tax all along to ease the road consumer who had to pay for the oil and toll as well. good news or not, there will surely be another rise in oil prices and the toll, even not in the near future.

Monday, September 05, 2005

janji joni

maybe i am lazy when it comes to writing inside this blog. i've been home since yesterday but each time i wanted to write something inside this blog, i kept saying to myself, i'll write something else later. it's not that i didn't have anything to say, but it seems to me that everything that i'll be writing inside this blog isn't interesting enough for anyone to read. well, i'm not saying that everyone should visit my blog or accept everything that i wrote here. maybe it's human nature to have a notion that everybody else are better, or maybe it's me who didn't have the self esteem. but of course i admit that i'm not a good writer after all. there's more besides what we wrote that could attract people to read our writing, it's the language itself. and the language itself could attract different kind of people. obviously, people who're not fluent or couldn't read much of english or malay will prefer the language that they're more familliar to. (i'm not saying that i'm good at english as i wrote in english. this is just a way of improving my english. i know my english is bad. mind you, but i'm learning) but the way we write, the way we play with our words will also act as a gauge for people to measure their fondness of our writing. even more extreme than that, some people will check out the font of our writing for it is what makes our eyes soothes out as we read along the lines. oh, enough of that.

so i'm home, in jb of course. i've missed a lot of events and maybe i'll missed some more in the future. kreator will be playing in KL this september and i didn't even know if i could come. RM 70 is quite a large amount of money, but this is the opportunity of a lifetime. i'm not worshipping this band or what-so-ever, but this is one of my favourite band, and the possibbility that they will come to malaysia again is 1 : 10000000000000!

and yeah, a lot of things happened in the world as well. the devastating katrina, casualties in iraq, janji joni and the mystery of missing-but-was-later-found suhana. no matter how small the event or destruction seems to be, never underestimate their possible effect on our life. think about the cause and effect, and you'll see the connection here and there.

i was reading through the sun yesterday when i read this article about the overly printed face of che guevara. it was at that time i knew that some lawsuit had been filed and won against corporation who use the picture of che 'unappropriately'. how ironic is it for capitalist to show a communist revolutionist printed on their merchandise. maybe they've realized that revolution sells.

and seeing the news about the katrina disaster in new orleans, about the late arrival of rescuers and relief parties by comparing it to third world countries, all i could say is, now you know that bush isn't great after all. people are starving and dying but the cops are still busy chasing for looters, even some are shot to death. anyway, condolences to those who've been hit by the tornado.