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Monday, December 20, 2004

selamat pengantin baru!!

"those crazy little things that you do, was suppose to cause if not much, a little bit of bad consequences in the future even though it seems so beautiful at the moment."

That was the thing that came into my mind after I couldn't wake up for my 9 o'clock algebra class this morning after what suppose to be just a short nap for rest. I've reached KL this morning at 5.00 am with syikin after spending my weekend in JB. I rarely go back to JB during weekends nowadays but as Fazri (Ronin distro) is having his wedding ceremony at pontian that Sunday, and with my beautiful and charming girlfriend planning to go to his wedding as well, I happily make my way to JB (which seems bad as the main reason I'm going back is not for the sake of my family) and at the same time, I could 'top up' my pocket money from my father.

The wedding was set on Sunday at Pekan Nenas, Pontian. So I met Din Akar at Huda's house in Taman Cempaka which where both of our girlfriend was (it was huda's family house, but syikin arrive in JB that Saturday and huda fetch her up to her house). I was planning to go to pontian with my car but as there are enough people for one car, we went with only din's car. Bad (not bad = jahat, it’s baad, btw she’s a girl) joined us later which makes 5 person inside the taxi (did I mentioned that din brought his father's taxi instead of his beloved red car as he assume that it would be raining that day).

After arriving at pontian and while fazri was being escorted with umbrella by nizang, while mat yie was his pengapit, we make our way inside the ceremony. I gave the camera I've borrowed from my mother to din to take pictures as he is pretty professional with cameras. There was this somewhat ceremony of money giving before Fazri could enter the house and sits with his wife. This makes me wonder how much it will cost to make a wedding ceremony and somehow, I heard that it takes an average of 50,000 ringgit to make a wedding ceremony. I always wonder how I could collect that amount of money when my time has come. Maybe, if I'm lucky, I'll get some sort of discount for the wang hantaran. How's that for that someone? ;P

After finishing our nasi minyak (but someone get an additional meal of nasi minyak with lobster at the pengantin's dining table), we wait for fazri's photo session before we could have our photo session with the celebrated couple. Ah, I forgot to mention that jimbo along with his wife and Endy along with his friends was also there but endy has to go back to batu pahat early so he missed the photo session.

After dropping mat yie at the pontian bus station, we headed back to jb and make our way to singgah selalu. After about an hour, we parted, with me and syikin have to get ready for our 12 o'clock bus while din, huda and bad planning to have dinner somewhere.

So, I'm wishing Fazri SELAMAT PENGANTIN BARU and may he lived happily ever after with his wife. i'll try to post some picture during the wedding if i have the picture with me soon and if i have the time to post it here.

I don't know whether I'll be going to kid's wedding this Saturday.

p/s: don't get me wrong. Going to fazri's wedding isn't the crazy little things that I mentioned earlier. It's about taking a 12 am bus while the next morning i was suppose to attend a 9 o'clock lectures. i guess it wouldn't seem so bad if i had slept earlier inside the bus but i couldn't, or maybe i just don't want to.

Saturday, December 11, 2004

it's been quite a long time

i guess i haven't update this blog since the starting of this semester. usual, the so-called busy-ness is always surrounding me. i've just came back from khabir's open house along with lokman, dean and azy. we ate a lot of satey, and when i say a lot, i really mean a lot! there're also aboy and his friends. we came home stuffed with food and after packing some stuffs form azy's house, we headed to this cc.

oh yeah, about the gig last weekend. it was fun performing as we haven't perform in a gig for quite a long time. anti protocol and baracka was cool and some say that tim yohanan (a punk rock band) was also great though i missed their performance. but what really caught my attention was this one man band called one man nation. the music is one thing, but the passion that he shows while performing is the thing that somewhat makes him cool that day.

ok..enough of blabbing. akhdan has arrived and he's waiting for us. so that's all for now!