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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

low life being

it would be nice to have a world where each and every people don't look down on each other, like they're better than the rest. let it be how rich, how rock, how cool, how artsy, how 'brown' (etc.) you are, you're no different than the rest of human being. and don't act like you're no better than the rest either, coz like i said, we're no different than the others, no humans are low or middle, nor high class. those imginary boundaries are created by our own brains. let others wears what they want, let others rock how they want to rock and let others think what they want to think, coz you, yourself, can also wears what you want, rock the way you want it to be and think the way you want to think. no one is better, coz human being itself isn't 100% perfect. and maybe, because of that, an ideal world wouldn't exist. so does ideal qualities. could that stop us from hoping?

fav list:
- curve ep
- cynic 19 live set
- catcher in the rye (the book)
- crash (the movie)
- asschapel : fire and destruction
- strife
- tegan and sara

Sunday, March 19, 2006


something got me thinking, or maybe i read it somewhere, that as a human, we're actually initially free to think and act. what i meant as free is total freedom. we're born as plain and as delicate as a white silk, and from that moment, we absorb what we see, what we hear, and how others act among themselves, and to us as well. and as we grew older, we understand the consequences of our act, or speech, or anything that relates to us and our surroundings.

even though i do believe in god and fate, i also do believe that ALMOST anything happens for a reason, a logical reason. and that anything that happens to us, or to other people are most probably happens as an outcome of our own act. cause and effect, that's it.

and as a human, we do have some set of rules, let it be religiously or not. i mean, even if you're and aethies or something like that, i believe that they have their own principles, which i believe, could be considered as a set of rules as well. but eventhough we're bounded by all these sorts of rules, all we need is will and courage to break these rules. i mean, all these rules, even the religious ones, are set for us to follow, and that's it. we may understand the consequences by disobeying those rules, but our brain isn't totally bound by rationality. rebelling isn't new to human nature. so, in other words, we're the one to decide wether to follow those rules or not, and thus, allow us to have somkind of control over our life, and since what we did have effect on others, i could say we do as well have control on somebody elses live, presumably.

i'm not trying to prove something here. logically, we are free to think and act. even god (for those who believes in god) who creates us, decided to let us think and act freely. it's for us to decide wehether to think or not. and if you decide to think, think for others (not just human being) as well. because anything that you did, may effect the others.

Saturday, March 18, 2006


i'm in JB now. my ex-schoolmate are holding his and her marriage ceremony tomorrow. yes, both of them are my ex-schoolmates, and from the same batch. Congratulation to both of them. May god bless the both of you (and the whole world as well). and tomorrow i'll be going to their kenduri kawin in batu pahat, along with sohar and kompot. najib will be going back to kl after the kenduri, and probably i'll be going back to kl with him, and some other friends as well.

p/s:during the school years, they're famously known as bobok, and cicak, but their real name is Firdaus Arpin and Armizatul Shima, respectively. sorry if i spelled their name incorrectly.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

new discovery!

i've just discovered that yuen has his own blog, and so, i've added his link along with hatta's blog. sometimes i wish i could write like them, writing things that matters instead of these craps i'm writing inside my blog. but sometimes, i just didn't care.

so, once again, adiosss felasss!!

come up with an idea, you stupid, lazy scum!!

damn!! a month went away and i've updated nothing inside this blog. call me lazy, coz i am lazy. and even if i got so much to say inside this blog, i doubt that i will put my thoughts through the keyboard and into this blog for others to view. why? is it that i didn't have anything to say? is it that i didn't have anything to share with you guys? is it that i'm so busy that i have no time to write even a few words? i could come up with a thousand reasons, but yet, the only thing that's true is that i'm lazy, at least most of the time.

and now, i'm able to write anything in this blog, and yet, i wrote about how lazy i am. i'm out of idea right now. that's it.

and i wonder why people prefer to marry at an early age, let it be man or woman....