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Saturday, July 30, 2005


call me soppy, but i missed her so much. so much that it seems like a big hole is forming inside my heart.

i reached jb at 4 am this morning. called my sister to fetch me and syikin afterwards at 4.30 am. both of them were asleep.

it seems that my house isn't complete without a cat. this time, a mother cat along with her kittens gave birth in front of my house, and out of sympathy, my sister and mother brought them inside my house and feed her. of course this happens before i reached my house this morning, but i could even see it's 'tali pusat' on the kitten, suggesting that they're only a few days off their birth day.

just a few minutes ago, i realize that one of the three kitten had died. i throw it to the river in front of my house which had been a burial ground for many of the cats that lived here.

hopefully the other 2 will survive...

the domestik doktrin gig at paul's place went on as planned, without buji's presence. as some of you who knows, buji's father died on saturday morning. al fatihah...

Wednesday, July 13, 2005


< Domestik Doktrin " Singapore / Malaysian Tour 2005 >

DOMESTIK DOKTRIN ( Bandung Raw Thrash ) | DEEPSET JOY ( Kelana Jaya Indie rock ) | NYIBLORONG ( Serdang Heavy hardcore ) | SARJAN HASSAN ( Port Klang mad & bone crushing thrashcore ) | SELFMADEGOD ( Serdang hardcore/grind - violence ) | MASS SEPARATION ( KL brutal thrash/grind as fuck)

Tarikh : 19 / 07 / 2005 - Selasa
Venue: Eruption Studio ( Man - 0126790987 ) - Serdang
Tiket : RM2 or Donation - Time : 9pm - 12am
Info/Direction : Buji - 0193614443 / Yus - 0162516682 / Am - 0162553660 ( Call first )

Saturday, July 09, 2005

going back

tomorrow i'm going back to shah alam again. i have to register for my college this sunday and my class will start on monday.

dah beku dah kepala otak aku cuti 3 bulan!!

Thursday, July 07, 2005

kumbak kambek!

this is the domestikxdoktrin new flyers. feel free to come!

p/s: domestik doktrin will also play in JB, Penang and other location as well. check ricecooker constantly for more details.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

cendol, nasi kandar dan sup perut

so, as you guys have known, i've been to penang for the previous week and now i'm already in jb. briefly, i reached penang in the morning of 27th june and we've been to some of the interesting places in penang on our own and as well as with fahmi on the 3rd day. we decided to go back to kl on the 4th day and cancel our so called 'extended' plan to go to other places besides penang due to our financial shortage. currently, i'm organizing the photos i've taken while in penang and it may took longer than i think! i'm planning to write my own travel log but maybe i'll just use her travel log instead. so my job now is uploading all these photos, rearrange them, add some description, and that's all. it will be ready soon, hopefully before my class started.

oh, last sunday, nyiblorong played in seremban. i'll try to upload the photos as well.

p/s: i would like to thank fahmi for showing us all around penang and for recommending all those delicious foods. (nasi kandar tu mmg terbaik la beb!! sampai sekarang gua terasa lagi kat lidah ni) and thanks to edd weotskam as well for spending time with us, and for the soup recommendation as well. thanks a lot!