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Friday, January 09, 2009

I'm still here

Yea..yea..I know for how long this blog has been left abandoned. Some would probably think there's no chance I will start writing again. Well, I won't blame them. Even I, at times, have been thinking of deleting this blog permanently. But it's time like this- when I seems to have something to share, even how lousy you will think it is - this blog will come in handy.

Since there're lots of thing been happening last year, I won't waste your time (or mine) with a long post. These pictures are representation of what's been happening in my life for 2008. Like they say, picture says a thousand words.

My convocation day

My sister's wedding day

My first job / My first project

Right now, I'm still juggling between my career and to enjoy life. Things has been very hectic, and sometimes I do afraid that I'll get too caught up with my career and miss everything in life..

Thursday, August 07, 2008

what happened in labuan stays in labuan

i just thought that it would be exciting to be able to be back for a while in kl but it isn't. it's still feel the same as if i'm still in labuan. well...maybe less bored.

i'm coming back only for my convocation. it's on the 8th. i'll be back in labuan in no time. maybe on saturday, or sunday. and i'll be there for maybe another month. i'll update some more when the time and mood is right.

for now, i just want to watch dark knight..

Thursday, June 19, 2008


I’ve already started working. It has been almost 3 weeks now. Most of my times now are spent inside the office reading some procedure or spec. Well, sometimes I do went out to endorse or approve some procedure qualification, or to the fabrication facility or anywhere, but most of my time are spent in the office. It can be quite depressing as at times, the office can be almost empty as most of the staff are assigned outdoors.

Right now, I reside in Bandar Sri Damansara. I rent an apartment here. It just took about 3 minutes to drive here to my office, so there is no traffic congestion at all.

There is still nothing much in the new house. No tv, no internet...just my laptop, a radio and a few books to keep me company. My housemates are all from KL, so most of the time they just went back home as there’re nothing much to do here at night. As for me, I’d rather spent my time here watching movies or reading books. I do need to go out sometimes. Maybe tonight..


Wednesday, May 21, 2008

into the wild?

Baru sampai ke Sungai Gabai.

Proses mandi manda berjalan lancar.

Pulang sambil menikmati aiskrim.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Magic M

cause it's just a load of crap..

is it?

well,here's the breaking news. i've finished my studies..the thesis and all. but non of this excites me. the fact that i can wake up at 2pm doesn't cause much excitements, but i can deal with that.

i badly need an external hard drive, or all the movies i've burned in dvds will keep on missing one by one. and not to mention my mp3 'mjoosic' collection that seems to be expanding in just one night leaving only 3mb on my partition.

i've finished my studies and yet, these are the things that came to my attention. well, finding jobs is depressing, at least for me. but yeah, i need the buy myself an external hard drive.

yup..thats how simplistic life is.

Friday, May 02, 2008

MPH warehouse sale

anybody know how to go to that place? i don't really understand the map..

Friday, April 25, 2008

bat for lashes

Bat For Lashes

Sunday, April 06, 2008

but sometimes, It's better to lie..

I'm currently hooked with this band. Check them out at
I think you can stream all their songs on the site. Cool eh?

anywone knows of this band called Nordiclight from Japan and where can I get her songs?

tunes of sanity

Tiger Baby

The Bird and The Bee

Sunday, March 09, 2008

'we're too lazy to govern ourselves, so we let the government do it.'

there is a saying that goes on something like this;

'we're too lazy to govern ourselves, so we let the government do it.'

or is it;

'we're too lazy to police ourselves, so we let the police do it.'?

either way, i think it's relevant to point out these statements on this so called 'new day for malaysia'. BN loose its 2/3 majority in the election, how can that not be historical?

but then again, i think this country needs more than the opposition gaining more seats in the election. this country need the people to think for themselves rather than the politicians to decide it for them. their manifesto can be so promising but i think it's good to instill doubt inside all of us to whether to how extend will these politicians represent the people? or will they took advantage of their position to fill their own pocket?

they can be, or maybe they are as pure as the white snow, but once we've lift them up to a higher ground, will they be the one looking down on us, or will they be the one who propel each and everyone of us to the new higher grounds where they stood? no matter how many times they're saying that by choosing them, they're placing the power not only to the said political party, but to the people. but human lies, and they can get too drunk with power that they believe that they're telling the truth, but in reality, they're telling lies.

because of this doubt, some people choose not to choose (read: vote). but i choose to vote simply because i refuse to let a bunch of people to get too drunk with power. it may not be the most powerful form of a change, but i do believe in check and balance. because the most powerful form of change is the people. i guess you guys gets what i mean because i refuse to talk about radical/direct action as i'm not a radical person myself.

enough of babbling, don't fall for the statement '..let us wait and see what the new malaysia has to offer us..'. don't wait and see, participate when and where you can, even how small you think it is. because you don't know if a stutter from a butterfly wings could make a change.

maybe not in your lifetime, but a good change is a good change anyway.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

club 8 / pelle

some pictures from the club 8 and pelle show. yeah, i went to the show regardless of the event being for 'non muslim' only.

it's like an angel with beautiful voice and golden hair. if only there's a river of wine flowing inside the venue instead of tiger beer posters and ads everywhere, it would be a good representation of heaven.

and below is pelle..

sorry for the low quality of the pictures though. it's not an slr and it doesn't even have optical zoom installed. that will explains the noise in the pictures.

i don't think i can go to the explosion in the sky show as the ticket fare exceeds RM100, although i would really like to go.

ohh..and check out KESUMAT on myspace.